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Unified Application Management (UAM) & Nerdio Manager for Enterprise: A Functional Overview 

Unified Application Management Common Use Cases Application Management poses several challenges to the modern organization. Application estates are often diffused, with packages located across different repositories and deployed by a variety of deployment mechanisms. These can include:  While it may be uncommon to see all the above in a single environment, most organizations have more […]

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) & Nerdio Manager for Enterprise: A Functional Overview 

Unified Endpoint Management Common Use Cases Endpoint management for Windows devices poses several challenges, especially in mixed estates, where administrators are responsible for managing physical desktops and laptops as well as Windows 365 Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop resources. This often leads to overlap between different teams, with responsibility being shared or duplicated.   Many […]

5 Things MSPs Must Know about FSLogix  

Microsoft’s FSLogix is known for being a powerful profile management tool. It has many desirable features for managed service providers (MSPs) operating in Azure.  Launched in 2012 as a startup independent of Microsoft, FSLogix provided a tool to reduce the number of resources, time, and labor required to support virtual desktops. Because of the natural […]

FSLogix Application Masking  

As a Nerdio partner, you get a standing invitation to our Monthly Partner Webinar. We use these 45-minute sessions to dive into the Azure, AVD and Windows 365 topics and tips most important to MSPs and their technical staff.   In fact, our June webinar was entirely dedicated to FSLogix – a technology that has many […]

FSLogix Anatomy + Common Issues: Storage, App, Profile Container 

Here at Nerdio, we’ve been entrenched in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) since the very beginning, which means we’re chock-full of knowledge about Microsoft’s recommended profile solution for AVD: FSLogix.    FSLogix may be new to many MSPs who haven’t worked with Azure or AVD, so we’re always compiling tips and helpful ways to train MSPs […]

What Does Windows 365 Cloud PC Mean for MSPs? Here’s What You Need to Know


If you are reading this, you are probably aware of Satya Nadella’s keynote speech at Microsoft Inspire on July 14th, 2021, where he announced Windows 365 Cloud PC. To read the detailed technical overview of the product, visit Microsoft Windows 365: Introducing a New Product to End-user Computing and Windows 365 vs. Azure Virtual Desktop […]

What is Windows 365 & How Does Nerdio Fit In?

It’s here, Microsoft’s Windows 365, a new era in cloud-based end-user computing as announced during Microsoft Inspire on July 14th, 2021. Here at Nerdio, we couldn’t be more excited about this next step in delivering virtual desktops from the Azure cloud. Windows 365 will offer a simplified management and a slightly different commercial model.   In this blog post, we will […]

Azure Virtual Desktop vs. Windows 365 for Business: Which One is Right for Your Organization?

Azure Virtual Desktop for Business What is Azure Virtual Desktop? If you’re interested in a deep dive comparing Windows 365 to Azure Virtual Desktop across several technical dimensions like architecture, IT administration, end-user experience, and licensing and infrastructure costs then take a look at Windows 365 vs. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) – Comparing Two DaaS Products.  In this blog post, […]

Microsoft Windows 365: Introducing a New Product to End-user Computing


On July 14th, 2021 at the annual Inspire conference, Microsoft announced a new service that holds the promise to establish Windows desktop virtualization as a modern, cloud-native way to deliver Windows applications to users on any device.  Coming on the heels of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365 is a service that is complimentary to AVD […]

Getting Your Sales Team Ready to Sell AVD

Are you a systems integrator or partner serving enterprise organizations that are considering selling Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and looking for tips on how to succeed in this market?   From what your salespeople should know before selling AVD, to the common misconceptions about Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), and insights into the market that can help empower your […]

Nerdio Employees Meet for the First Time! Watch Our Employee Reveals

Being a fully remote company that “took off” right around when the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, many of our employees (our Nerdios if you will) have never met in real life. Some employees have been working together for over three years at this point but have never connected face-to-face – something many in the tech […]

Windows 365 vs. Azure (Windows) Virtual Desktop – Comparing Two DaaS Products

  As businesses continue to shift towards remote work, cloud-based solutions such as Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) have emerged as powerful tools for enhancing productivity and enabling remote access to critical applications and data. While both solutions offer similar functionality, they differ significantly in their scope, features, and intended use cases. In […]

A Guide to Microsoft Azure Performance Monitoring and Running Azure Speed Tests: How to Make Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Run Better


In Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environments, performance issues can arise due to a variety of factors, such as insufficient hardware resources or poorly optimized configurations. Troubleshooting these issues can be challenging, especially when dealing with large-scale deployments. In this blog post, we share a step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot performance issues in AVD environments, […]

A Guide to Microsoft Azure SQL Server Pricing and Licensing

As a software engineer, one of the most critical considerations when developing an application is selecting the appropriate data storage solution. With the rise of cloud computing, Microsoft Azure SQL Server has emerged as a popular choice due to its scalability, reliability, and robust features. However, with various pricing and licensing options available, it can […]

Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Colleen Herbert

I am a Channel Account Manager on our Enterprise Sales team, working with partners in North America serving the enterprise market. My day-to-day includes activities that fall along the partner relationship life cycle. These include onboarding partners, providing technical and enablement sessions, working with the partner teams to generate the Nerdio pipeline through webinars and […]

Welcome, Stefan Beckmann! Nerdio’s Newest NVP 

In case you haven’t heard, our NVP (Nerdio Valued Professional) program seeks to support and give back to individuals who consistently and voluntarily work to support Nerdio, our products, initiatives, and vision.   We launched the program in December 2021 and wanted to quickly recap some of the great community content assets produced by our NVPs to-date:   And it […]