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What is Nerdio Manager for Enterprise?

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise extends the native Azure Virtual Desktop (previously named Windows Virtual Desktop) and Windows 365 admin experience with best-in-class enterprise capabilities, empowering IT professionals to automate, optimize, and secure AVD & Windows 365 deployments with ease.



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Nerdio for Manager Benefits

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise adds several major benefits to the Native AVD admin experience and makes AVD an unmatched virtual desktop solution.

Simplify & Automate

Scale & Optimize

Secure & Protect

Why Nerdio Manager for Enterprise?

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise extends the native admin experience capabilities of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, while allowing customers to leverage the significant investments Microsoft is making into the AVD and Windows 365 services. Unlike other virtual desktop solutions, Nerdio Manager for Enterprise does not replace Microsoft’s native components but enhances them with best-in-class enterprise capabilities.

Below are some of the features Nerdio Manager for Enterprise provides in addition to Native AVD

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Simplify & Automate

Scale & Optimize

Secure & Protect

Auto-Scaling for
Every Use-Case

MSIX AppAttach App Delivery Images

Azure Cost Monitoring

Scheduled Host
Pool Re-Imaging

Auto-Heal Broken
AVD Hosts

Host Pools

Utilization Monitoring

Multi Azure AD Deployment Management

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Frequently Asked Questions



Enterprise organizations with large Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365 deployments. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is an automation platform that helps IT Pros deploy, manage, and autoscale AVD resources.

  • Nerdio Manager for Enterprise empowers IT Pros to operationalize large AVD deployments with powerful and intuitive UI used by engineering and help desk staff to deploy the environment and provide ongoing user management. Capabilities like desktop image management, performance monitoring, and user session control eliminate the need for complex scripting and speed up response to end-users.
  • Nerdio Manager for Enterprise reduces Azure costs with schedule and event-driven autoscaling and speeds up AVD deployments with guided setup wizard, reducing engineering workload.
  • Nerdio Manager for Enterprise helps reinforce existing security policies and compliance.  It addresses data residency concerns being deployed as a secure Azure application inside customer’s own Azure subscription in a geographic location of their choice.
  • Advanced autoscaling – schedule and event-driven autoscaling helps save on Azure compute and storage costs
  • Desktop Image management – create, import, manage, and deploy multiple desktop images at scale
  • Monitoring and dashboards – empower help desk with the tools they need to efficiently support end-users
  • Manage existing AVD deployments or create new ones – can be layered on top of existing Azure Virtual Desktop environment non-disruptively
  • Azure Marketplace deployment and billing – gets billed on the same invoice as Azure consumption.  No need to go through a new procurement process.
  • Security, compliance and data residency – AVD native, Enterprise-grade Azure application deployed to customer’s own Azure subscription and controlled exclusively by the customer
  • Zero vendor lock-in – no custom agents, custom client apps, orchestration VMs, or control planes.  Remove without impact on users and infrastructure.
  • Best value, lowest cost solution – full feature set with flexible named and concurrent user pricing models

There are two pricing models:

  • Per-named user ($4/month) – maximum number of unique users assigned to AVD host pools at any given time in the past 30 days
  • Per-concurrent user ($6/month) – maximum number of unique users connected to AVD hosts pools at any given time in the past 30 days
  • Nerdio Manager for Enterprise can help you deploy a brand new AVD environment and import your Citrix desktop image VMs.  These desktop images can then be used to provision AVD host pools and session hosts.

No, Nerdio Manager for Enterprise does not store user information.

You can deploy Nerdio Manager for Enterprise from the Azure Marketplace directly into your Azure subscription.  Click here to get started.

You can deploy a trial Nerdio Manager for Enterprise through the Azure Marketplace.

You can also watch pre-recorded demo videos here.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is an end-customer product designed for Enterprise organizations with large AVD deployments.  You can deploy Nerdio Manager for Enterprise on behalf of your customer into their Azure subscription.

Azure Virtual Desktop deployment can be performed without any scripting by following a wizard driven process, which includes AD and file storage integration.

Desktop Images can be created based on Azure Marketplace images or imported from existing VMs.

Once a Desktop Image is created, it can be deployed as a static or dynamic host pool with session-based desktops, personal/persistent desktops, non-persistent single-user desktops or RemoteApps.

When Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is installed in an Azure subscription, it can discover and associate with an existing AVD deployment and manage it.

What Makes Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Different?

Only “AVD Native”, Enterprise-grade solution that addresses data residency, compliance and security requirements


Can be layered on top of existing AVD deployments non-distruptively


Zero lock-in. Remove without any impact on users and infrastructure


Azure Marketplace deployment and billing – no procurement process

Autoscaling – schedule and event driven


Desktop Image creation, import, and management


Named and concurrent users pricing model


Lowest cost solution

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