Nerdio recognized as the winner of the 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award!

Deploy, manage, and cost optimize Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, & Intune

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Deploy, manage, and cost optimize Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Intune using Nerdio Manager. Discover which one is right for your organization.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise

A modern management platform that optimizes and unifies on-prem VDI, cloud VDI, Cloud PCs, and physical endpoints and allows corporate IT teams and partners serving enterprise and mid-market enterprises to: 

Nerdio Manager for MSP

A modern, multi-tenant cloud management platform allowing MSPs and service providers to: 

Nerdio Cost Estimator


Nerdio Cost Estimator

A free tool service providers can use to estimate proposed Azure environments based on real variable inputs like Azure regions, virtual machine types, associated storage, servers, backups, and more. Additionally, providers benefit from the ability to: 


AVD Modeler by Nerdio

A free tool allowing enterprise organizations and partners to model and cost-predict virtual desktop environments in Microsoft Azure without any Nerdio commitment or licensing required. With it IT teams can: 

Nerdio AVD Modeler

Deploy, Manage, and Cost Optimize Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, & Intune

Learn how Nerdio Manager simplifies and cost optimizes the deployment and management of native Microsoft cloud technologies.