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Modern, multi-tenant, workflow-powered cloud management platform helping MSPs accelerate Microsoft Azure, Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Windows 365 deployments, simplify management across customers, and increase margins.

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Key Benefits of Nerdio Manager For MSP

Accelerate intune, aVD, & windows 365 deployments

Automatically provision a complete AVD or Windows 365 environment in a few hours or connect to an existing environment in minutes.

Manage customers easily

Manage all your clients in a single pane of glass admin portal – without the need for an experienced Azure engineer – and eliminating the possibility of human error.

Optimize costs

Save up to 75% on Microsoft Azure compute and storage costs using Nerdio’s Advanced Auto-scaling capabilities.

Nerdio Manager for MSP: Elevating Microsoft Cloud Services

Nerdio Manager for MSP empowers Managed Service Providers to effortlessly harness the full potential of Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem, including Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Intune, and Windows 365. Our solution synergizes with Microsoft’s offerings—not replacing but enhancing them with superior MSP-focused tools and functionalities. 

By integrating Nerdio’s expansive feature set, MSPs can streamline operations, optimize management across multiple tenants, and save up to 75% on Microsoft Azure compute and storage costs. Designed with MSPs in mind, Nerdio Manager for MSP enables the delivery and management of virtual and physical desktops, applications across diversified client landscapes. MSPs gain access to potent monitoring and analytics tools, ensuring high efficiency, operational excellence, and maximized profitability in a competitive landscape. 

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Cloud for your MSP business with Nerdio Manager for MSP, your partner in modern cloud management. 


Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Physical Endpoint Management Made Easy with Nerdio

Azure Virtual Desktop Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Application Management

Image Management

Security & Compliance

Monitoring & Reporting

For Managed Service Providers





Intune Now Available in Nerdio Manager for MSP!

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When speaking to new Nerdio customers, we mention that an average Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) customer saves 50%-75% on Azure compute and storage with

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