Nerdio recognized as the winner of the 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award!

Nerdio Enterprise Partner Program

Elevate Your Cloud Journey with Our Enhanced Partner Program


Nerdio is excited to announce the launch of our enhanced Enterprise Partner Program, a significant leap forward in our unwavering commitment to co-sell alongside Microsoft. This revamped program is designed to give our partners a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving cloud technology landscape, especially for those transitioning to cloud-based virtual desktop solutions.  Our program is tailed for Value Added Reseller (VAR), Solution Provider, Technology Integrator, IT Consultant, or Strategic Service Provider focused on a successful Azure Virtual Desktop practice, and keen on driving transformative cloud solutions, we’d love to hear from you. 

Program Benefits

Tiered Partner Levels

Achieve free Nerdio certifications, exclusive training, increased discounts and commissions and an all-expenses paid trip to NerdioCon as your team adds monthly revenue and moves up the Partnerd Tiers.

Proposal-Based Marketing

Partners can harness Nerdio dollars to fuel their individual marketing efforts to drive growth and expansion. 

New Registration and Deal Protection

A strategic registration and deal protection system that ensures partners enjoy enhanced exclusivity for their deals, fostering a collaborative environment for successful co-selling. 

Quarterly Business Planning

 The comprehensive sessions cover sales and marketing strategy, training and certification plans, and prospecting initiatives, ensuring a cohesive and aligned approach towards mutual growth. 

Partner Program Tiers


  • 15% Base Channel Margin
  • 5% Deal Registration
  • Kickstart Promo 2.5%
  • 3 Subscriptions Per Quarter
  • Internal Use Licenses
  • Eligible for all Channel Promotions


  • 15% Channel Margin
  • 10% Deal Registration
  • Nerdio Funded Implementation Services
  • MDF Availability
  • Expansion Program "Pilot"


  • 15% Base Channel Margin
  • 15% Deal Registration
  • Proposal Based Marketing
  • Performance Based Marketing
  • Prospecting Support
  • Partner Advisory Board

Why Partner with Nerdio

Joining the Nerdio Enterprise Partner Program means partnering with a leader in cloud technology, specifically tailored for Azure Virtual Desktop solutions. Our program is designed not just to enable, but to amplify your success in the cloud domain by providing: 

  • Exclusive Access: Get early access to the latest cloud technologies and solutions. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Leverage our unique insights and expertise in Microsoft co-selling to stay ahead. 
  • Tailored Support: Benefit from customized support to meet your unique business needs and accelerate your growth. 
  • Collaborative Growth: Work alongside Nerdio and Microsoft to expand your market reach and drive mutual success. 

Unlock new business opportunities and streamline the sales process through Microsoft multiparty private offers (MPO).

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