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Nerdio Manager for
MSP Certification Program

Take control of your journey to adopting a robust MSP cloud practice with Nerdio certifications.

Certificate NMM

Become a Nerdio Certified Engineer!

Each of our MSP certifications are designed to help you cut through the noise, discover what matters, and plan and execute with precision in the customer environments you manage.

The certifications below include structured content from the MSP perspective, knowledge checks to help you prepare, and a final exam to show what you know.

What’s in it for you?

Nerdio’s certification program has been carefully crafted by Nerdio’s partner solutions and engineering teams with the goal of providing you with the knowledge you need to build a successful (and profitable) cloud practice in Microsoft Azure using Nerdio. You’ll finish with useful and applicable knowledge that will help you accelerate your business and bring your customers successfully to Azure.

Once you pass the course with flying colors, you’ll be adorned with an official certificate of completion to share.

Program Structure

As an MSP, you’ll delve into Microsoft Azure’s technical capabilities in the Nerdio Azure Fundamentals (NAF-100) certification. Once you’ve established your baseline, continue your journey with the NMM-100 certification, and learn to use Nerdio Manager for MSP to overcome common situations and roadblocks. Then, when you’re ready to accelerate your cloud practice, check out the NMM-200 certification to continue to take things to the next level.


  • NAF-100 – Consider this certification your foundation. There are no prerequisites to get started, other than a working knowledge of configuring, deploying, and managing traditional IT environments.
  • NMM-100 – You should complete the NAF-100 certification prior to starting the NMM-100. You may also benefit from completing Microsoft’s AZ-104, and AZ-900 certifications before you begin.
  • NMM-200 – You should complete the NAF-100, and NMM-100 certifications prior to starting the NMM-200. The NMM-200 certification is more technically sophisticated than the NMM-100. You’ll need a fair amount of Azure experience and knowledge before you begin.

Ready to Get Started?

To get started, choose which program you’d like to complete and fill in the necessary information. Once payment is complete, you’ll receive access to the platform. Good luck!

Note: If you are a member of the Nerdio Partnerd Program, you may be able to get free certifications. Please contact us for more information.

Nerdio Azure Fundamentals (NAF-100) FREE

  • LESSON 1: Azure Categories
  • LESSON 2: Identity & Identity Management Options
  • LESSON 3: Azure Subscriptions
  • LESSON 4: Resource Groups & Resources
  • LESSON 5: The Azure Hierarchy
  • LESSON 6: Selecting Foundational Resources
  • LESSON 7: Microsoft 365 & Azure
  • LESSON 8: Core Azure Services

Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM-100) FREE

  • LESSON 1: Azure Fundamentals
  • LESSON 2: Identity Management
  • LESSON 3: Microsoft 365
  • LESSON 4: Azure Virtual Desktop
  • LESSON 5: NMM Fundamentals
  • LESSON 6: NMM Deployment Paths

Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM-200) $80

  • LESSON 1: Identity Management
  • LESSON 2: NMM Application
  • LESSON 3: Deployment Paths
  • LESSON 4: NMM Account
  • LESSON 5: AVD Pools
  • LESSON 6: Azure Fundamentals

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