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Become a Nerdio
Certified Engineer!

Show off your Azure knowledge while learning the core components of Nerdio and Microsoft Azure in our in-depth training curriculum!

Choose between two available training programs: NMM-100 (Nerdio Manager for MSP) and a more technically-advanced NMM-200 (Nerdio Manager for MSP). In these two courses, you’ll learn how to perform essential AVD & Azure tasks.


What's in It for You?

Nerdio’s certification program has been carefully crafted by Nerdio’s partner solutions and engineering teams with the goal of providing you with the knowledge you need to build a successful (and profitable) cloud practice in Microsoft Azure using Nerdio. You’ll finish with useful and applicable knowledge that will help you accelerate your business and bring your customers successfully to Azure.

Once you pass the course with flying colors, you’ll be adorned with an official certificate of completion to share.


As an MSP, you’ll take a deep dive into Microsoft Azure’s technical capabilities as well as Nerdio’s features and discover how to execute and overcome common situations and roadblocks. Each program consists of 6 lessons, followed by a 100-question exam at the end. The program will take roughly two to four weeks, depending on how much time you’re able to commit. The exam is limited to 60 minutes.


NMM-200 is more technically sophisticated than NMM-100, so we recommend users keep that in mind when choosing which course to begin. NMM-200 registrants should have a fair amount of Azure experience and knowledge before starting.


Ready to Get Started?

To get started, choose which program you’d like to complete and fill in the necessary information. Once payment is complete, you’ll receive access to the platform. Good luck!

Note: If you are a member of the Nerdio Partnerd Program, you may be able to get free certifications. Please contact us for more information.

Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) 100

LESSON 1: Azure Fundamentals
LESSON 2: Identity Management
LESSON 3: Microsoft 365
LESSON 4: Azure Virtual Desktop
LESSON 5: NMM Fundamentals
LESSON 6: NMM Deployment Paths

Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) 200


LESSON 1: Identity Management
LESSON 2: NMM Application
LESSON 3: Deployment Paths
LESSON 4: NMM Account
LESSON 6: Azure Fundamentals

Nerdio Training Camp

(or Nerdio Manager for MSP 140)

LESSON 1: Azure Fundamentals

LESSON 2: Creating an AVD Host Pool

LESSON 3: Nerdio Autoscale

LESSON 4: Scripted Actions

LESSON 5: Intune

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