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Nerdio Manager for Government Organizations (SLG)

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise extends the native Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365 admin experience with best-in-class enterprise capabilities and empowers enterprise IT professionals to deploy and manage Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, physical devices and Windows applications.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise

is the perfect Azure Virtual Desktop companion that makes Azure Virtual Desktop & Windows 365 inexpensive and easy to deploy and manage.


Nerdio Manager for Enterpriseā€™s Advances Auto-scaling provides savings of up to 75% on Azure compute and storage costs. Pair this with the time savings provided by Nerdioā€™s automation and ease of use, and the platform pays for itself almost immediately.


Nerdio Manager enables ā€œcross-sovereign cloudā€ deployments of Azure Virtual Desktop. Organizations with identity in GCC can easily leverage AVD with session hosts VMs running in Azure US Government. Nerdio Manager is available in the Azure US Government Marketplace and can be used both in ā€œGov only modeā€, where both VMs and identity are in the Azure US Gov cloud, and ā€œsplit-tenant modeā€.


You can trust Microsoft Azure with their 1B+ USD investment in security R&D and 3,500 cyber security experts. Take advantage of multi-layered security provided across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations with cyber security experts actively monitoring to protect your business assets and data.

AVD for Government FY22 Trends and Priorities

Across State and Local Governments, several trends and priorities have emerged for FY22 and beyond, such as the importance of mitigating cybersecurity and compliance risks, modernizing court operations, and modernizing government-owned utilities. These trends underscore the importance of Azure Virtual Desktop for government customers.

How Can Nerdio help?

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise helps government organizations deploy, manage and scale native Azure Virtual Desktop admin experiences with the best-in-class enterprise capabilities, empowering IT professionals to automate, optimize, and secure AVD deployments with ease.

Customer Benefits

  • Deploy Azure Virtual Desktop in under 2 hours
  • Drive performance and cost savings at production scale in perpetuity
  • White glove training to optimize Nerdioā€™s scripting and auto-scaling features for specific customer use cases
  • Superior customer experience with easy, fast, deployment and ongoing management

Microsoft Benefits

  • Accelerate deals to close 3x faster than native AVD alone
  • Drive ACR and ACA, and scale out your customersā€™ AVD environment
  • Provide a better customer experience through the deployment of AVD
  • Apply against customersā€™ MACC

Microsoft FY22 Sales Plays

Modern Work > Modernize Endpoints
Infrastructure > Modernize to AVD

When to Position Nerdio

  • Greenfield AVD opportunities
  • Existing AVD customers with cost and/or management challenges


Nerdio Government Customers

View Our Case Study

Learn how the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) usedĀ NerdioĀ Manager for Enterprise to move 2,000 employees to remote work in a matter of days–90 percent faster than it could have using VPN connections (and without the need for new hardware).


Additional Information

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