Nerdio recognized as the winner of the 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award!

Join the Nerdio Partnerd Program for MSPs

The Nerdio Partnerd program helps managed service providers build successful cloud practices using native Microsoft technologies through specialized training, support, resources, and more

Benefits of the Nerdio Partnerd Program

Tiered Partner Levels

Unlock additional perks, including free Nerdio certifications, internal use licenses, and an all-expense paid trip to NerdioCon, as you advance through the Partnerd tiers. 

Partnerd Portal

Gain access to the exclusive Partnerd Portal with white-labeled content, sales support collateral, up-to-date product demo videos, whitepapers and e-guides, and more. 

Training & Insights

Attend a Nerdio Training Camp for free based on your level of partnership, earn exclusive access to the Nerdio support team, and more. 

Partnerd Tiers

Internal Use Licenses
$200 Credit
$300 Credit
$500 Credit
Partner Portal*
Full Access
Full Access
Full Access
Training Camp Benefit
Hotel Fully Covered for 1
Travel & Hotel Fully Covered for 1
Travel & Hotel Fully Covered for 2
Support SLAs
Standard SLA
Standard SLA
Enhanced SLA
1 Free Certification
10 Free Certifications
Unlimited Free Certifications
NerdioCon Benefit
Hotel Fully Covered for 1
VIP Pass for 2**
Product Insights
Product Roadmap Calls
Invite to Partner Advisory Board, Product Beta Access, Exclusive Product Roadmap Calls
Sales Support
Annual Onsite Business Meeting

*Nerdio Partner Portal includes access to email campaign copy, call scripts, one pagers, white label content, battle cards, NerdioCon keynotes, webinar recordings, and more.
**NerdioCon VIP Pass includes flight, hotel, and conference expenses fully covered by Nerdio.

Become a partnerd today

MSPs joining the Nerdio Partnerd Program will receive access to the specialized training, support, and resources they need to build successful cloud practices using native Microsoft technologies, plus other exclusive perks. 


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The previous program and discounting structures are still in effect for anyone who signed up prior to June 1, 2024 until November 30, 2024. Beginning December 1, 2024, all partners will automatically enter the new partner program based on the number of customers they have under management with Nerdio.

You will be automatically enrolled as a Nerdio partner into the Partnerd Program. There is no need to sign up for the new Partnerd Program manually. 

Contact your Nerdio sales manager. They can explain the new discounting structure and guide you through signing up.  

All previous partner program minimum commitments and discounts will expire on December 1, 2024 and your pricing will revert to MSRP. 

The previous Partnerd Program required a minimum license commitment. This change will allow all Nerdio partners to obtain the program benefits without any contracts or minimum spend requirements. 

Your Partnerd Program level is determined by the number of customers you manage with Nerdio Manager for MSP. 

Upon your automatic enrollment in the Platinum tier, you will receive an email communication with a unique VIP phone number to contact support or ask your Nerdio sales manager. 

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