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Nerdio Training Camp – What to Expect and MSP Takeaways

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In partnership with Microsoft and Intel, Nerdio Training Camp allows MSP technical staff to spend the day with us growing their Azure knowledge and learning the technical skills needed to be successful with Microsoft’s virtual desktop services. The one-day, in-person workshop provides hands-on learning where attendees can build a completed Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365 environment from scratch — learning everything from the basics to 300 level provisioning and administration skills.  

This is a completely FREE opportunity to provide MSP technical staff with valuable training to help them better understand Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365, and how to easily manage them all in Nerdio Manager for MSP. In doing so, this helps MSPs to efficiently and easily extend the benefits of these services to their clients while keeping costs low, margins high, and employees satisfied and engaged.  

Take a look at the detailed workshop agenda for more insight into the Training Camp content and scroll below for real-life feedback from Camp attendees and photos from our first event in Philadelphia on April 6. And register for one of our upcoming events near you!

Attendee Feedback, Highlights + Photos  

Ongoing management of AVD environments involves understanding and using all of the Azure services AVD runs on as well as elements like image and storage management, host pool creation and maintenance, updating security permissions, and much more. It can often be intimidating and time-intensive to learn the ins and outs of the service and how to best optimize and manage it.  

We connected with attendees of the Philadelphia event and wanted to share a few of their self-reported educational benefits of Training Camp that speak how it can help MSP staff easily and better manage AVD.


“I came out of the Philly training camp with more confidence in AVD than ever before, as well as meeting other IT professionals who have shared similar hurdles as myself. Thanks for putting this together, I had a great time!” 

  • Tyler Reino, Systems Engineer, Overview Technology Solutions 

“I felt that the pacing was perfect, and it really helped to be in a room with people who are at so many different parts of their Nerdio/AVD journey. It helped remove some of the mystery and makes me feel like we aren’t behind the curve when asking questions or looking at different ways to grow our business. Though I didn’t have questions personally, the environment was comfortable where I felt as though I could have asked anything. 

The most helpful area of the training for me was reviewing the correct upgrade paths for images. Seeing the “best practices” really turned some lightbulbs on for us. Scripted actions are something we haven’t utilized previously but have already created a plan for going forward. The mini session during lunch where you explained the factors that matter when purchasing reserved instances was critical to helping me feel confident with future projects.” 

  • Chris Morozin, President, VMX Technologies

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