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2022 Update: Welcome to the Newest Nerdio NVPs! 

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Over the past year we’ve launched many things – certifications, a new product edition, and our respective Azure Sales and Azure Technical Training Camps to name a few. What’s my personal favorite? The launch of our Nerdio Valued Professional (NVP) program.  

This program seeks to support and give back to individuals who consistently and voluntarily work to support Nerdio, our products, initiatives, and vision. We named our three inaugural NVPs back in December of 2021.  

And with much excitement, I am pleased to share our newest two new members. Please welcome Dominiek Verham, based in the Netherlands; and Johan Vanneuville, based out of Belgium. Both Dominiek and Johan are active community participants and consistent contributors. And though both have only officially been NVPs for a couple of weeks, they have already been hard at work sharing new product feature requests, educational blogs, and contributing to our business in general.  

Below please find more information about our new NVPs, said in their own words. I’ll wrap it up quickly by saying thank you, gentlemen! It’s great to have you on board and we can’t wait to see what you do next.    

Dominiek Verham
Hi everyone! My name is Dominiek Verham and I work for e-office in the Netherlands as a Senior Consultant. In the beginning of my career, I focussed mainly on the Microsoft server products and virtual desktop infrastructure based on Citrix and VMware. After 15 years it was time for a change, and I started to work with the Microsoft cloud products. At first with Microsoft 365, then Azure infrastructure, Azure Virtual Desktop with Nerdio, and recently Windows 365.
Last year I started a blog to share knowledge while having fun with tech. It’s mainly focussed on Microsoft and Nerdio. I first came in contact with Nerdio when I was designing a new AVD environment and was impressed by the way Nerdio designed Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and the extra features it provides. This led to a series on managing AVD with Nerdio Manager for Enterprise. It discusses the most common tasks like setting up the Nerdio infra, setting up the environment, images, application strategies and so on. It also shows the difference between ‘The Microsoft Way’ and ‘The Nerdio Way’. And there is still so much to talk about!
I can’t wait to see how Nerdio continues to evolve. Of course, I look forward to continuing to evangelize the Microsoft solutions and the Nerdio brand as we go on this awesome ride.

Johan Vanneuville  
My name is Johan Vanneuville, System Engineer at Cheops Technology. I have been working in IT for about 10 years now and the last four with Azure. I have an on-premise background and used to work with Citrix and RDS.  Ever since Microsoft released AVD (WVD) I have been a huge fan of it. You can read my blog about Azure and hybrid cloud here.  

I have been using Nerdio for a while now and the options it gives IT pros are great. AVD and Nerdio are two amazing products and combining them is the best choice that you can make. Nerdio makes the life of an AVD admin easier. 

It’s a huge honor for me to be awarded the Nerdio NVP title, and I’m looking forward working with the entire Nerdio team and the community to make the product even better. 

More Information 

If you think you got what it takes to be a Nerdio NVP, please fill out our registration form at the bottom of the NVP landing page. 

Thank you all for reading, speak soon! 

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