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What is the NVP Program?

“NVP” stands for “Nerdio Valued Professional”, which is a new initiative to support and give back to individuals who have consistently and voluntarily worked to support Nerdio, our products, initiatives, and vision.

Being an NVP is not dependent on whether you are a Nerdio customer. Tech enthusiasts, bloggers, and folks who operate in our space (ex. work for one of our distributor partners, work at Microsoft driving ACR) are all eligible and considered for the NVP distinction.

Benefits of Becoming an NVP

Being named an NVP sets you apart from peers and colleagues in the EUC and IT spaces as it shows not only that you know your stuff when it comes to Nerdio, Azure, and virtual desktops in general – but that Nerdio knows you know and have decided to publicly recognize you as a trusted partner and leading voice in Nerdio’s community or the communities you belong to. Being an NVP showcases you are exceptionally tapped into and concerned about innovation and the future of your industry and technology. 

Lastly, consistent dedication to our company, people and future means a lot to us and we try to give something back as equally meaningful. NVPs will receive exclusive perks and access, not limited to (but likely including) Nerdio swag, early access to our new product roadmap before features are released, event tickets and discounts, and much more!


Stefan Beckmann

Senior Cloud Consultant

Shabaz Darr

Senior Infrastructure Specialist, Netcompany

Dominiek Verham

Senior Consultant,

Johan Vanneuville

System Engineer,
Cheops Technology

Apply to be an NVP

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Nerdio Valued Professional (NVP)!

Acceptance is granted based on the applicants’ demonstrated ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Evangelizes the Nerdio portfolio and what we stand for as a company
  • Constantly provides constructive feedback, brings in ideas, feature requests and more
  • Educates others on Nerdio, virtual desktops, and other Azure cloud related resources 
  • (Bonus) Actively works with Nerdio on potential business opportunities or to identify them on Nerdio’s behalf


Please submit the following form to apply to become an NVP. Your application will be reviewed by Nerdio’s NVP review board and you will be notified of your acceptance status within 5-8 business days of submitting.