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Public Cloud Predictions for the Year Ahead (2020)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


At Nerdio, as we continue into a new year, we not only like to reflect on the past year and set goals for our company in the year ahead, but we also like to take a hard look at the industry, how it has evolved, and where it is headed.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing some of our predictions for 2020 and advice for how the channel can prepare for the advancements and changes ahead this year.

As we work to empower Managed Service Providers to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure, we think it’s only natural to start by sharing our thoughts and insights into the public cloud in 2020.

Public cloud has reached its tipping point

Cloud adoption has officially become the default option for businesses. While it has taken quite some time for organizations to become more familiar and comfortable with the cloud, they’re now finally considering it as their first, go-to option for their IT environments. According to a recent study from Flexera, 94 percent of respondents are using cloud computing in some form, 91 percent being the public cloud. In fact, 11 percent of SMBs in particular are spending more than $1.2 million on the cloud every year. As for major players in the space, Microsoft Azure has been rapidly gaining market share and in 2020, it will continue to remain the most popular platform for cloud services.

If you haven’t adopted public cloud yet, it’s time

As cloud adoption in general continues to grow in 2020, it’s time to be proactive. It’s alarmingly apparent that if companies are not in the cloud, they’re behind in the skillset and offering mix that customers now expect. In fact, companies are now looking beyond just offering a cloud experience to new cloud-based technologies related to virtual desktop infrastructure. With the introduction of Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop in September 2019, Microsoft legitimized the virtual desktop computing model and made it cost-effective, eliminating every roadblock that previously stopped adoption. While virtual desktops will likely not experience the mass adoption in the next year, like the public cloud, it is certainly catching the eyes of many IT professionals and expected adoption will rise in the next five years.

Investment in the cloud will reduce disaster recovery risk 

Cloud adoption comes with many benefits, but one of the major perks is reduced disaster recovery risks. Investment in disaster recovery is driven by the perceived risk of a user’s primary environment going down from something like a flood or fire. However, as the market trends towards big data centers in the cloud in 2020 and users’ environments become fully virtual, there will no longer be a need to invest in solutions specific for disaster recovery. IT environments aren’t in danger because they are kept safe and updated in near real-time in a public cloud.

If you’re an MSP looking to successfully migrate and build cloud practices in Microsoft Azure this year, it’s time! Nerdio is here to help you seamlessly make that transition and reap the benefits of the public cloud. 

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