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Feature Request Submissions for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise – Submit Requests

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At Nerdio we LOVE customer feedback and always have. It’s how we learn and improve our products and services to better help our customer and partners. You are the ones using Nerdio, so who better to tell us what works, what doesn’t, or what you might be missing to better service your clients and employees?!  

Almost weekly we receive new feature ideas and suggestions from our customers, partners, and community enthusiasts. It’s amazing to see how creative some of you are! And to see how quickly we can incorporate your suggestions into our product.  

Our New Feature Request Form  

To make the process of suggesting a new Nerdio Manager for Enterprise feature more structured and flexible we’ve created a feature submission community forum. Traditionally we’ve heard about new features through a personal email or while on a call with a current customer. We’re hoping this will provide a faster, easier route that is accessible anytime!  

Schedule a Demo of Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and we’ll walk you through our most recent and popular product updates!

Timing + Consideration  

Although we greatly appreciate your ideas and suggestions (and the time you take out of your busy schedules to submit) to help improve our products and services, we cannot guarantee that your submission will make it into Nerdio Manager for Enterprise.  

If your idea makes sense and addresses a market need, your chances of making it into the product are good. The time this normally takes depends on where we are in our next sprint release, the complexity of the request, and so on. This can range from a few weeks to several months.   

Next Steps  

One we receive your submission; we will review internally. If we have any questions, we will reach out via the email you provided with the submission.  

As always, thank you very much for your interest in Nerdio! We appreciate your ongoing support in helping us improve our services.  

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