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The Community Speaks! Partner Feedback on New Nerdio Manager Support for Intune

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

It’s been a great 2023 so far for us all here at Nerdio and for our partners, many of which we got to connect with in-person at our annual partner conference back in February!

One of the biggest announcements at the conference happened during our CEO’s keynote speech when he detailed our product roadmap plans for the year for both Nerdio Manager for MSP and Nerdio Manager for Enterprise. You can read the press release for more information on the enterprise side of things.

Today we are super pleased today to share the latest version of Nerdio Manager for MSP – v4 – is now generally available and includes support and a plethora of powerful management and cost-optimization features for Microsoft Intune!

This new release allows MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to incorporate unified endpoint management and cross-tenant management into Nerdio Manager for MSP and their day-to-day operations. MSPs can now utilize powerful Nerdio capabilities such as autoscaling, an intuitive user interface, Scripted Actions, Approval Workflows features, RBAC roles, and more, for efficient endpoint management.

And now MSPs can fully manage customers’ physical devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops with Intune, alongside management of Microsoft Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and other native Microsoft technologies and services, in one unified management platform. 

While we’d LOVE to talk endlessly about our favorite new features in Nerdio Manager for MSP v4, we thought it’d be most beneficial to share feedback from actual users. Big thank you to Paul, Andy, and Justin for the below!

Do you have any product feedback or suggestions for new Intune-related features you’d like to see incorporated into our next version? Share it with our team by heading to this linked page on our Community.

Paul O’Brien, Founder and Director, Lucidity

“We do a lot with Microsoft Intune. Historically a lot of our customers either were managed in Intune or they were AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) — it was kind of one or the other. And as we migrated roughly 50 customers off our remote desktop platform, we had to make the decision which would best suit them.

Some of the smaller clients, it wasn’t financially viable to run AVD. We also get new business in the Intune space where there isn’t a real need for virtual desktops: the customers running SaaS apps, etc. But I think in more recent times Intune and the AVD session hosts have kind of more so come together.

One of the really cool things Nerdio does is it brings all your customers together in one place and provides a detailed audit log too so that we know which engineer did what, on what date, and that kind of thing. We can’t wait to bring that functionality to the rest of our business and accounts using Intune.

It really makes us think. Do we need to go back and look at all our Intune customers, which are nearly equivalent to our number of AVD customers, and see if we can bring them into the fold? At the moment we’re using Nerdio to manage everything with AVD and then just the Microsoft native tools to manage Intune and Endpoint Manager for all the separate customers. We see incredible value in having our help desk support people, our deployment guys, our technicians all in one platform.”

Andy Nolan, Senior Cloud Engineer, Impact Networking

“We’ve been heavily using the new Intune integration – it’s providing the same sort of game changing management features we’ve come to expect in Nerdio Manager for MSP, now going beyond just AVD.

There are a lot of physical endpoints out there, and they all need management. And using Intune with Nerdio Manager for MSP has really allowed us to take control of that. We’re very excited to start implementing it for all our customers where the Intune use case makes sense.

One of the best features that we’ve seen so far is the global policies. We have certain standards and recommendations that we want to apply to our customers at a global level, and previously it was pretty cumbersome to have to go and recreate those per customer. Now we have those stored at our account level for Impact Networking and we can deploy those to our customers as we onboard them. That lets us really ramp up the onboarding of customer devices for Intune while saving on time.”

Justin Vashisht, Chief Technology Officer, Chelsea Technologies

“Our team at Chelsea Tech had a great experience working with Nerdio’s team in private preview to shape the new Intune experience in Nerdio Manager for MSP. The team at Nerdio was attentive to our feedback and worked with us to ensure that the Intune integration would be frictionless to us internally as well as our customers.

Since implementing the feature, we have saved countless hours of work and can now automate our endpoint management processes, making us more efficient. As a service provider specializing in highly regulated industries, the unified Intune experience has been a game-changer for our team and our customers. What used to take days and sometimes weeks now takes just a few clicks.

We highly recommend Nerdio Manager for MSP to other companies looking for a more streamlined, consistent, and efficient approach to managing customers policies.”

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