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NerdioCon Nerd Icon: Jamie Moore, Blackpoint Cyber

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Table of Contents

NerdioCon Nerd Icon Jamie Moore

With just six weeks left until our in-person, all-inclusive user conference and industry event – excitement and anticipation are at an all-time high. And for good reason! We are bringing attendees the best content, sponsors and speakers to provide a well-rounded learning experience when it comes to leveraging Microsoft Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, and give partners the tips and strategies that will allow them to grow their businesses in 2022.  

To share a taste of what you can learn at NerdioCon 2022, we’ve developed a new blog series to shine spotlights on our fantastic speakers. Kicking off the NerdioCon Nerd Icon series, we sat down with Jamie Moore, Director of Account Management at Blackpoint Cyber.  

What has your career journey been like and how did you come to be in your current role?  

I worked for an MSP in Cincinnati, Ohio for seven years. While there, I helped my clients develop strategic technology plans to provide strong foundations for their businesses. Over time, I began to appreciate the dramatic need for increased cyber security. Business leaders were struggling to understand how to keep their businesses safe from cyber criminals. Some overreacted and were afraid of everything; others seemed to completely dismiss concerns because they couldn’t see the impact on their own businesses. This interest in preventing cybercrime and specifically in educating business leaders about cyber security, brought me to Blackpoint Cyber. At Blackpoint Cyber I help managed service providers learn how to grow their revenue, secure their clients, and communicate the value of security.  

Can you share more about what you will be speaking about at NerdioCon 2022 and why the topic is so relevant for partners right now?  

It’s no question that cybercrime prevention is a massive motivator for businesses to invest in technology. And yet, MSPs are often hesitant to include managed security solutions in their base offerings because these solutions are perceived as complicated and expensive. As the cyber threat increases, the demands for practical solutions also increase. Join us to use managed security to increase your value and subsequently your revenue. Our breakout session will focus on the hacker timeline, the advantages of investing in a SOC, and how to sell the value of a SOC to your customers and how to make a profit while ensuring their security. 

What is one trend impacting MSPs you think will be an even bigger focus / topic in 2022?  

Based on what we’ve seen this year, Blackpoint recommends our partners to stay alert and watch out for the following cybersecurity trends:  

  • A continued cycle of ransomware with a primary goal of data exfiltration for extortion  
  • Increased offensive action from governments to take down threat groups regardless of borders  
  • Increased supply chain vulnerabilities from both threat groups and nation-states  
  • Remote working is here to stay. Individuals within their home network will continue to be at risk of spear phishing and becoming a key target used to gain footholds into larger organizations. 

Thanks so much, Jamie! Where can our audiences find + follow you on social?  

Follow Blackpoint’s LinkedIn page or follow/connect with me on LinkedIn.   

We hope to see you at the event, taking place in Cancun, Mexico from February 21-23, 2022! To view the NerdioCon 2022 agenda and register to attend, visit www.nerdiocon.com. 

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