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Nerdio Manager for Enterprise: Nerdio Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Modeler

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

“Hey team!

Great news! The board has approved our recommendation, and we can proceed with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Our next step is to create a plan. The board has requested a detailed breakdown of costs, as well as a system to track future expenses. Additionally, we need to optimize the efficiency of working with AVD. As you know, the board values quantifiable data.”

What you read above is a common scenario for companies of all sizes considering AVD for various reasons. However, the biggest challenge is to convince management that costs can be controlled while maintaining performance levels. To begin, we need to provide a comprehensive overview of all required components and perform a detailed cost analysis. This is just the starting point; the key is to maintain control of expenses in the future.

That’s where Nerdio and the AVD Modeler come in. Our solution addresses these challenges and provides the necessary tools to manage costs and ensure optimal performance.

The Ideal Starting Point for Azure Virtual Desktop

Are you finding it challenging to properly build and configure Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for your business needs, whether it’s for 200 or 20,000 users? Nerdio’s Advisor suite has the perfect starting point for you – the AVD Modeler. This module provides cost modeling and optimization recommendations, ensuring that your AVD environment is built and configured with the right components and settings.

With the AVD Modeler, you can create detailed models for new host pools and input all the components needed on a per-component basis. The tool will then calculate the costs and show you how Nerdio’s autoscale engines and other forms of automation can save you up to 75-80%.

By using the AVD Modeler, you’ll have a detailed overview of compute costs, disk costs, storage costs (FSLogix and image), network data egress costs, and even Nerdio licenses on a per-user basis. Plus, stay tuned for an “easy button” that will enable you to deploy everything modeled without lifting a finger.

Don’t let the complexity of AVD hold you back – start using the AVD Modeler today to simplify the process and save costs.

Managing Costs for Your Azure Virtual Desktop Environment

You can combine AVD Modeler with User Costs Attribution to effectively manage costs associated with your AVD environment once it’s in production. This module tracks all costs per user and breaks them down on a per-component basis. This allows you to see exactly where your money is being spent. This is particularly useful if you need to optimize your cloud practice for financial efficiency.

With monthly reports available, you can easily view data on total sessions, average sessions per user, active machine hours, session duration, and more. This information can help you identify any anomalies among users and further optimize your AVD environment.

By leveraging Nerdio’s expertise, combining AVD Modeler with User Costs Attribution gives you complete control over the financial aspects of your Azure Virtual Desktop while keeping costs low and increasing efficiency.

At Nerdio, we’re always here to help you succeed. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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