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New, FREE NAF-100 Certification Launches Covering Azure Fundamentals  

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I’ve been with Nerdio for 4 months and have been fortunate to meet many MSPs at our Training Camps. Understanding how Azure works is paramount to succeeding with your cloud practice which is why we’re excited to launch the NAF-100.

What is the NAF-100?  

The NAF-100 is our certification designed for any MSP who wants to build their cloud computing practice and any MSP staff who is involved in or supporting that initiative. Whether you have experience using Microsoft Azure or are currently evaluating if this solution suits your customers, the NAF-100 provides a powerful starting point for you to succeed with Microsoft’s public cloud. The certification program is optimized to help you cut through the noise, uncover what matters most, and take the next steps on your Azure journey. 

Moreover, the Nerdio Azure Fundamentals (NAF) certification serves as your springboard into the world of cloud computing in Microsoft Azure. Get started with no prerequisites! While a basic familiarity with configuring, deploying, and managing traditional IT environments can enhance your learning experience, it’s not required.

Furthermore, the NAF-100 functions as a primer for other Microsoft certifications that pave the way for success in Microsoft Azure. Once you pass the final exam, we recommend continuing your journey with foundational certifications such as: 

  • Microsoft MD-101* | Managing Modern Desktops (*The MD-101 certification will soon be updated to MD-102) 
  • Microsoft AZ-104 | Microsoft Azure Administrator 
  • Microsoft AZ-900 | Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

What is the purpose of the NAF-100?  

In a sea of Microsoft Azure content, it can be challenging to determine where to start your research. MSPs face an even more complex task, as the majority of available resources lack an MSP perspective in their writing. That’s where the NAF-100 comes in, offering rapid skill development and a jumpstart for you and your team. We have taken on the heavy lifting by identifying and organizing the essential fundamentals that MSPs need to know. Upon completing the NAF-100, you will have not only a solid foundation but also knowledge of the next steps to continue your Azure journey. 

Why are IT certifications like this important for MSPs?

One of the primary challenges faced by modern MSPs is finding the balance between learning and practical application. Your daily responsibilities revolve around your customers and their needs, making it difficult to dedicate extensive time each week to explore the vast universe of technologies in your stack. Additionally, conducting organic research and learning without specific objectives or problems to solve can leave you with a sense of not knowing what you need to know until the need arises. 

While becoming an expert by scouring through a knowledge base and absorbing countless articles is possible, it is often the slowest path to value. This is where certifications play a crucial role. Certifications provide structured learning paths that cover the scope and breadth of what you need to know. These carefully curated knowledge packages empower you to not only discuss the technologies that underpin your business but also extract maximum value from the solutions you choose to invest in.

What does the NAF-100 cover?  

The first important point to note about your cloud computing practice is that there will always be more to learn. The Nerdio Azure Fundamentals certification comprises eight sections and a final exam. The concept behind this certification is that by comprehending the competencies and technologies covered in each of these sections, you will establish a strong foundation to delve into more advanced concepts. This enables you to build exactly what you need without the hassle or overwhelm of starting from scratch. The entire course, including the material and the exam, should take approximately 2-3 hours to complete.

NAF-100 Syllabus: 

  • Azure Categories 
  • Identity & Identity Management 
  • Azure Subscriptions 
  • Resource Groups & Resources 
  • The Azure Hierarchy 
  • Selecting Foundational Resources 
  • Microsoft 365 & Azure 
  • Core Azure Services 

How does the NAF-100 compare/differ from Nerdio’s NMM-100 and NMM-200 Certifications?

Initially, we offered a condensed version of the Azure Fundamentals through the NMM-100 (Nerdio Manager for MSP) certification. However, we quickly realized the need for a more comprehensive exploration of the Azure fundamentals to ensure the success of MSPs in Azure as a whole. Without a solid understanding of the fundamentals, grasping the concepts covered in the NMM-100 and NMM-200 can be considerably more challenging. To address this, we extracted the fundamental concepts from the NMM-100 and developed them into a standalone certification that serves as an introduction to the concepts built upon by the NMM-100 and NMM-200.

Are the NMM-100 and NMM-200 certifications still valid? 

The NAF-100 serves as the foundation of our certifications at Nerdio. In contrast, the NMM-100 and NMM-200 certifications are more specialized, catering to specific roles and responsibilities within your business. This approach ensures that everyone in your organization has a central reference point to align with while maintaining their specialized lanes and responsibilities. 


In conclusion, the NAF-100 certification is the ideal choice for MSPs looking to strengthen their cloud computing practice in Microsoft Azure. With its tailored approach and structured learning path, this certification equips both experienced users and beginners to enhance their Azure skills. Act now by registering for the certification, and/or downloading the NAF-100 one-pager to share with your team. 

 Start your Azure journey with confidence and unlock the full potential of your MSP business. Start today and embrace the power of the NAF-100 certification.

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