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Introducing: Nerdio Tech Insider Community Program

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Community Power

Within Nerdio, we have already experienced the power of the community firsthand and on multiple occasions. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why our product, Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is shaped the way it is.

Next to the various (potential) customers and partners we talk to on a daily basis, we are also involved with various community-driven activities. That’s how we learn what it is that you are missing, would like to see improved, and so on. 

Needless to say, it is of great value to us.

While we will continue to support other communities as we have done over the years, we also feel that the time has come to create a community of our own; hence the Nerdio Tech Insider program.

This program will be about YOU, and what we can learn from YOU. We have various ideas on how we would like to get you all involved with what is going on around Nerdio, though we do not expect anything in return aside from some honest feedback from time to time.

We have been getting a lot of questions on the Nerdio portfolio, specifically around Nerdio Manager for WVD. This will be the perfect way to learn more without any upfront commitments!

Our “Elevator Pitch”

This community will be about technology and technology alone. No marketing, sales, leads, or anything like that. We will focus on Windows Virtual Desktop, including the latest news around Nerdio Manager for WVD. We’ll provide tech insides, roadmap items, discussions, training, and of course a bunch of swag to go with it.

We want to learn from you. We value your feedback and any other comments, suggestions, or ideas you might have. And we don’t mind having a little fun while doing so.

What’s In It For Me?

I’m glad you asked. While your involvement in this program comes without a single string attached, we still like to take care of our members the best we can. Here’s what we would like to do/offer:

  • Community focused release of our software – more on this during the launch event
  • A training series on how to get started with and use Nerdio Manager for WVD
  • Best effort support and access to our engineering and sales team
  • Open discussions around Nerdio through our private Slack channel
  • Various other (training) topics around AVD, EUC, and Azure in general
  • From time to time, we will discuss upcoming (NDA) Roadmap items
  • The latest and greatest around our portfolio; we’ll make sure you hear about it first through the “Nerdio Heads Up” newsletter
  • For those who might be interested, we offer an interesting rebate/kickback program
  • Once allowed, or when things get back to “normal” again, we’d like to organize small dinner parties every once in a while
  • And of course, we will have various types of swag to hand out

Pretty sweet, right?

Who Should join?

AVD and Azure enthusiasts, Nerdio fans, existing (and potential) customers and partners, and everyone who might be interested.

This will be an excellent way to stay updated on everything we are working on, including a wealth of knowledge all merged into a single Slack Workspace. You will be able to collaborate with other Nerdio users (customers and partners), AVD enthusiasts, as well as various Nerdio employees. Ask questions, share experiences and use-case, tips, tricks, learn from each other, and so on. Come up with features requests and suggestions, or provide feedback in general. We would like to hear and learn from YOU!

How to Join?


Step one. Join our meetup page. This is where you will be able to RSVP to upcoming events, (training) webinars and such.

Step two. Join our private Slack channel. Our main platform for collaboration with other AVD and Nerdio enthusiasts, including various Nerdio employees. Share experiences, learn from others, and have a bit of fun. 

Feel free to use both of the Nerdio Tech Insider Community logos in any way you feel fit. Use them on your socials, websites, blog posts, for example; it’s all fine with us.

Looking forward to virtually meeting!

Bas van Kaam

Nerdio Field CTO, EMEA/UK

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