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Nerdio x Rimo3: Faster Time to Value for Enterprise Migrations to a Cloud Workspace

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Eddie Powell, Vice President, Global Alliances, Rimo3

We’re excited to announce our newest integration and partnership with Nerdio to help customers easily move on-prem applications to Azure leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) or Windows 365,  Microsoft’s fast-growing, desktop and application virtualization services. As only a handful of software providers chosen by Microsoft to be included in their Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AAMP), it was obvious from day one that our technologies were complimentary, with both companies solving some of the biggest challenges in migrating on-prem enterprise applications to the cloud.

With Rimo3’s ability to automatically import applications directly from Microsoft’s SCCM (Config Manager), test those applications for AVD suitability and multi-session capability, modernize those applications, and export those applications right into Nerdio’s management plane, it helps solve one of the biggest obstacles large enterprises have to contend with: getting years of legacy applications with unique customizations into a format that is compatible with today’s modern management planes like Nerdio Manager for Enterprises. Once those applications are in Nerdio Manager, they can easily be deployed, managed, and optimized in AVD or Windows 365. The integration demo video is available to watch here.

As more and more customers look to move their applications to the cloud, one of the biggest concerns they have is that of not knowing if or how those applications will perform. The risk of simply moving those applications to the cloud and hoping that they work is a recipe for disaster and not one that most organizations are willing to take. Because of this uncertainty, many migration projects never get off the ground, choosing to maintain the status quo and keeping those applications running on-prem – however costly and inefficient that practice may be.   

This is where Rimo3 comes in. The Rimo3 platform can assess all of an enterprise’s applications in a matter of hours, provide insights into just how those applications will perform in the new cloud environment, and eliminate the risk of those applications failing prior to actually moving them, and thereby saving the customer considerable time and money. In addition to providing valuable insights pre-deployment, the Rimo3 platform automatically converts those applications into a modern format so that they are ready to move into the new environment. Nerdio can then take these newly formatted applications – having the confidence in knowing that they will run properly after having been thoroughly tested by the Rimo3 platform – and easily migrate them into AVD or Windows 365 where those applications can be managed and optimized to provide the end-user with the best performance possible. Our CTO, Samit Halvadia, recently discussed this in more detail with Nerdio CEO, Vadim Vladimirskiy, on the Rimo 3 Podcast.

This is why the partnership makes so much sense – two innovation leaders working together to make replatforming to the cloud as easy and valuable as possible. Rimo3 and Nerdio make what would otherwise be a series of time-consuming, risky, and complex set of actions into an easy, 3-step process – Plan, Migrate, Manage – allowing customers to take advantage of the cost-saving and security benefits of running applications in Azure on AVD or Windows 365. Customers have been asking for this integration and it’s finally here. Together, we are simplifying the move to AVD and Windows 365 making it easily accessible to everyone and helping enterprises achieve their mission with a modern, scalable, cost-effective approach to cloud-first IT.

Eddie Powell, Vice President Global Alliances, Rimo3

Eddie has spent over 25 years in sales and business development in the tech industry. He started his career in sales and sales management at AT&T before working in South America building indirect channels for Lucent Technologies. He spent six years at Citrix in strategic alliances before turning his sights to working with early-stage start-ups and tech incubators. He most recently spent time in the financial services industry while at Microsoft and mobile banking application startup, Kony, which was acquired by Temenos.

Eddie received his MBA from Thunderbird, where he met his wife, who also shares his passion for international travel. They have two children and live in Austin, Texas where they enjoy camping, boating, and attending live music shows.

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