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Full Disclosure: Nerdio Manager for Enterprise

Throughout the last couple of weeks, I have had some very interesting talks around Nerdio Manager for Enterprise (NME in short). Though, in some cases it was more about the bits and bytes; the technology involved than anything else. Like the talk I had with Claudio Rodrigues, for example. Claudio was kind enough to take the time […]

Details & Benefits of Remote Application Pools in Microsoft Azure


Given the multitude of features available in Nerdio, one of the features that often goes underutilized is Remote Application Pools. They serve as an excellent tool to bridge the gap for customers who are hesitant to adopt full cloud-based desktop solutions but want the security and redundancy which the cloud provides. This article is designed […]

Notes from the Field (CTO): July 2020 Edition

In this series, I want to share with you my findings, experiences, tips, tricks, wonderings, ideas, and thoughts – those from colleagues, community peers and more – on everything Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure, Microsoft, EUC, and IT related. In other words, topics will differ. First of all, let me start by mentioning and thanking my […]