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12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Nerdio Over Its Competitors

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


I have been at Nerdio for over 4 months now and the reason why I joined the company is because it solved all the problems I was having while I was working as a consultant delivering Citrix & Azure Virtual Desktop environments.  If you are deploying Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) in Azure, then you really need to look at Nerdio as it will make your deployment and management easier and will reduce costs by up to 75%.

In this post, I will list 12 reasons why you should give Nerdio a serious look before you choose another vendor.

1. Licensing Commitment

Most vendors out there will force you to commit for a minimum period for a set number of licenses. At Nerdio, we do not have any commitment buy-in. If you choose our Enterprise product, we do ask for a minimum set amount, but you are free to cancel at any time without any penalties. You also pay for what you use; if you use less, you pay less.

2. Licensing Cost

Nerdio does not have the same overhead costs that our competitors have, therefore, we can offer a lower price point. Our competitors pricing is on average $30 per user for licensing, whereas Nerdio licensing starts as low as $3 per monthly active user. That is literally 1/10 of the cost of our competitor’s licensing costs.

3. Product Innovation

At Nerdio, we pride ourselves on really listening to our customers. If a customer or partner has a suggestion, we take that suggestion seriously and have our engineering team work on it. With 15-20 new features each month, our product is being driven by those who use it day to day.

4. Built for MSPs

Nerdio Manager for MSP has been built from the ground up for MSPs. We are the best and most established multi-tenant management platform on the market today. You can manage all your customers from one single place, saving you time and effort.

5. More Focused Support

We have seen thousands of Azure Virtual Desktop Deployments using our software, so there is not much we have not seen. When you log a support ticket with Nerdio, you will get straight to a technical expert in Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop. We have 2 Microsoft MVPs on staff and many more employees with deep, specialized knowledge in Azure. We respond to every support request within 4 hours and there is no Tier 1/2/3 to go through.

6. Advanced Compute Auto-scaling Platform

One of the Nerdio features which is the most popular is the Auto-scaling platform. It is the most advanced on the market and saves our customers on average 60-75% on Azure compute costs. It is truly dynamic and creates and deletes hosts on the fly. We can fine tune it to behave how we want it to behave; for example pre-staging hosts, configure how aggressive we want it to be, and we can set the hours where it will not scale back in.

7. Advanced Storage Autoscaling

Storage Autoscaling is an industry first. Storage is expensive in Azure and we solve that problem by automatically swapping out your managed disks to a lower tiered version when the VMs are not running, and automatically expanding and reducing the Azure Files IOPS and sizes to meet your storage needs. You only pay for what you use.

8. Image Management

Using Nerdio we can also fully manage your desktop images. With most of our competitors, you must create the images in other ways; i.e., manually, or via DevOps, Packer, etc. Nerdio utilizes Scripted Actions to easily enable you to create images in less than 30 minutes and using Scripted Actions install the software you need without having to log onto the VM. We will automatically create staging images and shared image galleries to make your release process easier and less risky.

9. Host Density

A common myth is that our competitors have lower costs due to the toolsets used to increase host density. This is not true. The compute you use to run Azure is the same as our competitors. We have built in Scripted Actions which can optimize the hosts and recent innovations like sleeping tabs in Edge and Teams offloading ensure that the host density you get with Nerdio is the same as our competitors.

10. Monitoring

Nerdio uses AVD Insights to enable in-depth monitoring of your AVD Environments. This enables us to fine tune what we want to see, rather than having to use pre-build monitoring dashboards that our competitors use. We can also customize this to show only what we need to see to reduce costs.

11. Nothing Proprietary

Nerdio sits on top of the existing AVD Service. This means that if for some reason there was a problem with, or you decided to remove Nerdio, your services would continue to run.

12. Azure Capability

As Nerdio integrates with the Native Azure service, as newer features and improvements are made, Nerdio users benefit from that also. This means increased security, better monitoring, faster VMs.

All these combined makes for a compelling solution, something all of us here at Nerdio are so passionate about.  Cheaper licensing costs, easier management, and up to 80% Azure Compute and Storage cost savings are the reasons why customers keep on coming back to us for more.

Nerdio is built from the ground-up as a true Cloud-first solution. As Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop develop, then we develop alongside it and continue to get better and better.

And with 15-20 new features each month, we have even more awesome features on the way.

The future is bright; the future is Nerdio!

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