Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service is now available, providing organizations access to applications remotely that are running on top of Windows 7- or Windows 10-based client operating systems.

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4 Innovative Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

1. Windows 10 Multi-session.
WVD + Windows 10 allows multiple users to use the same desktop virtual machine at the same time. This saves money due to using less Azure infrastructure and provides the user with a familiar desktop experience.

2. Simpler Profile Management With FSLogix.
This is a user profile container technologyallowing the user to switch desktop virtual machines without losing access to their own customizations. Now use OneDrive and indexed search functionality in virtual desktops; not possible with RDS.

3. WVD Management Service.
This Azure platform-as-a-service offering takes care of routing users’ connection to the proper Azure virtual machine. This sounds simple, but it used to require multiple servers with RDS infrastructure roles. Now, Microsoft handles this for you automatically.

4. Simplified Licensing.
With RDS, you needed a license for the Server operating system, RDS, and Office ProPlus. With WVD, all you need is a subscription to Microsoft 365 or any Windows 10 Enterprise subscription.

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Windows Virtual Desktop & Nerdio for Azure

Windows Virtual Desktop  – with more power and less complexity than Remote Desktop Services!

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How do you access Windows Virtual Desktop? What are the prerequisites? Check out the demo to see how easy it is.

Enterprise Cost Benefits of Using WVD Compared to Other Cloud VDI Vendors

May 12, 2020

Since Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) entered General Availability in October 2019, it has rapidly gained popularity among enterprises, government, and educational institutions.  Beyond the technological advantages that WVD brings to the table, there are a number of nuances that also make it the most cost-effective cloud-based virtual desktop solution.  Read the full WVD cloud vendor comparison.

WVD & Azure Made Easy


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Calculating the True Cost of Windows Virtual Desktop

Compare all associated costs of WVD to legacy RDS. In this free white paper, we will walk you through how to accurately determine which route is best for you, as a managed service provider (MSP).

  • Complete breakdown of costs
  • WVD vs. other available options 
  • Comparative tables 

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