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Q&A with Natasha Boyko: What to Expect at NerdioCon 2022

Though cooler temperatures are in the forecast for many as we head into the last few months of the year, here at Nerdio things are definitely heating up as we begin announcing NerdioCon 2022 speakers, sponsors, and content.  

Our website has been updated with new speaker information, but you’ll want to keep a close eye on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for even more exciting event updates and announcements in November, December, and January as we count down to February 21-23, 2022.  

To give partners and prospective attendees a holistic picture of our very first in-person NerdioCon, we sat down with our Senior Director, Partner Programs & Community, Natasha Boyko, for a Q+A-style look ahead.  

NerdioCon 2022

To kick things off, tell us a bit about yourself and what your role is at Nerdio.  

I’m no stranger to the channel, having worked at several channel companies prior to joining Nerdio in February 2021. I have a lot of experience empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to support their SMB customers and best leverage the latest technologies to do so. As Senior Director of Partner Programs and Community, I manage our MSP partner ecosystem and the efforts we make as a company to expand our reach in the channel.  

A huge part of my role is managing our event strategy which includes both the industry and partner events we attend and the ones we put on ourselves. To date, events put on by Nerdio have been largely virtual because of the impacts of the pandemic. So we are thrilled and excited to put on an in-person event of this magnitude as we’re expecting over 150 partners to attend, many of which belong to our Partnerd partner program that I also oversee. With this program, we provide partners with a full arsenal of resources including a complete asset library with case studies, content white labelling capabilities, testimonials, product demo videos, discounted pricing, and more. One of the best perks of the program though is that Parnerds receive partially paid or even all expenses paid trips to NerdioCon depending on the amount of deals they close and register in our portal.  

What is the vision behind NerdioCon 2022? What sort of experiences and opportunities do you hope attendees will walk away with from the show?  

We are offering the only event in the channel dedicated to Microsoft Azure and that will not only teach partners how to grow their cloud practices using the latest Microsoft virtual desktop technologies, but how to make money while doing so! It is a user conference so we will be doing some in-depth trainings on Nerdio product features that help partners greatly reduce their Azure costs and improve operations and management across clients operating in Azure but we aren’t stopping there.  

We’re bringing in Azure experts across multiple areas of expertise to provide partners a 360-degree view on Azure and particularly Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365.  With the help of our sponsors, industry experts and thought leaders, our attendees will walk away feeling confident in their ability to deliver on their cloud strategy for 2022 and beyond with Azure. Additionally, our goal for this event is to share a fun destination event with partners that foster organic networking opportunities and afford attendees the chance to have some fun, get to know each other, and walk away feeling energized.  

Who will be at the event?  

Some of the biggest distributors, vendors and thought leaders in the partner ecosystem and ones that are related to Microsoft’s virtual desktop offerings… or even the people bringing them to market themselves.  We’re pulling out all the stops to bring our own Azure experts, key leaders from Microsoft and top channel vendors to provide first class content for our attendees. 

Why should I attend?  

We’ll be offering the best content and advice in the industry when it comes to Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 but also equipping attendees with the best practices and insights needed to grow their business and capitalize on remote work interest. This event will be a unique experience for partners to not only hear from the experts but also attend interactive, hands-on workshops covering all aspects of Microsoft’s desktop virtualization technologies.  

How will this be different from NerdioCon 2021?  

Last year was our first ever NerdioCon event and it was completely virtual. We are doing it in-person this year and in a big way, leveraging an all-inclusive resort to help foster community while ensuring safety. Additionally, the introduction of Windows 365 earlier this year brings a whole new crop of timely session topics, technical deep dives, demos, and industry conversations around the future of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and SMB end user computing needs.  

How do I register? Where can I go for more information?  

Head over to our event site, to register and explore additional details around our lineup, event timing and helpful travel and safety links. Contact me at if you have any questions or to inquire about a quote / promo code if interested in double occupancy. 

There you have it folks! Keep an eye on our socials and sign up to save your spot at NerdioCon 2022 today by heading over to  


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