Want to expand your cloud services portfolio, but haven’t found the right path?

Would you like to turn your customers’ cloud questions into recurring revenue?

Are advanced IT cloud services and consulting strategic to your business?

Looking for a VDI platform that’s super easy to provision?

Explore which cloud fits your customers best

Nerdio Private Cloud Nerdio for Azure Public Cloud

Well, you’ve come to the right place

  • Turn-Key Out of the Box
  • Ease of Client Support
  • Happy Clients, Happy Life
  • Cross Industry Capatability
  • Standardized Packages
  • Complementary Branding

Unique, production-proven system architecture that has woven together all the complex foundational IT components into a cost-effective, standard package. Easy to run with your existing staff and tools. Ready for you to rapidly and simply deploy to customers from day one.

No more trudging out to your clients during all times of day, night, weekend, or holiday. With the Nerdio Admin Portal, you get three-click remote access – so you’re in your customer’s environment in seconds, for easy-to-use day-to-day management.

  • Fast auto-provisioning
  • User and desktop management
  • Server management
  • DR testing
  • Dynamic onboarding

With a higher net promoter score than Amazon, it’s clear that our clients love us. So with Nerdio, yours will love you even more than they already do. Now that’s a lot of love.

Have a nice niche in some markets but wish you could branch out? Nerdio works across verticals, opening up your business for expansion and diversification. And have we mentioned we’re HIPAA compliant? Because we are.

Nerdio’s easy-to-understand, easy-to-choose plans make it a breeze to move prospects off the dime, bringing you tons of new business.

Nerdio is all about being tech-savvy, positioning you to be seen the same way in your local marketplace – as the go-to resources for modern technology and stellar technologists.

The Business Opportunity

Revenue Stability

Time to get off of the project-based roller coaster. Reliable, stable, recurring revenue (MRR)? Yes, please.

Revenue Stability

Sticky Client Relationships

No more losing clients to the next pretty-faced vendor. Once they’re in with you, they stay.

Sticky Client Relationships

Services Revenues

Not only do you keep ownership of the client relationship, you keep all the services revenues. Migration, strategy, monitoring, support, line of business apps – it’s all you.

Services Revenues

New Business Growth

Nerdio doesn’t ask for your clients, we bring you new ones. Lead gen delivered to your virtual doorstep. Refreshing, like a cool glass of lemonade.

New Business Growth

High Growth Market

40% historical 5 year CAGR for SMB cloud expenditures
By 2020, 78% of SMBs will be moved to the cloud, doubling current adoption rate

High Growth Market

Healthy Margins

Tired of being offered scraps? We’re not one of those miniscule-margin SaaS offerings – and have no interest in being them. We’re happy only when both your clients and you are happy.

Healthy Margins


Explore Our Partner Program

Yes, we have all the standard stuff, but what really makes a difference for you is we’re there for you, soup to nuts – from bringing you clients, to helping close those clients, to ensuring smooth onboarding and ongoing delivery – we have your back.

Here are just a few examples:

But wait, there’s more.
Additonal information on the Nerdio Partner Program can be found here.

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