new Windows Virtual Desktop is now available!

new Windows Virtual Desktop is now available!

Nerdio for Azure

The trust and power of Microsoft Azure.
Optimization made simple with Nerdio.

Windows Virtual Desktop



An option for those who aren’t yet ready to move to a complete virtual desktop environment. Use Microsoft Azure for servers, backup, disaster recovery, and infrastructure.

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Perfect for smaller businesses who need simple virtual desktop environments with the affordability and security of Microsoft Azure.

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A comprehensive package built for small or large organizations needing their complete IT environment hosted in Microsoft Azure. 

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How to Get Started

You only need three basic things to get started with Nerdio for Azure:
  • Azure subscription
  • Office 365 account
  • General IT admin knowledge


With a few clicks you can automatically deploy a complete IT environment in Azure within two hours, without the need for an experienced engineer. Customize each environment by adding domains and line-of-business applications, importing Office 365 users, and more.

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Nerdio’s Cost Estimator makes pricing Microsoft Azure quick, easy, and error-free. Input a few pieces of information and let the tool do the work so you can maximize your margins.  

Azure Cost Estimator

Nerdio for Azure has three comprehensive plans to choose from, allowing you to easily find the right fit for your customers. Whether you need an IaaS, DaaS, or ITaaS solution, there is a Nerdio for Azure plan that’s right for you. And with Nerdio’s Plans Designer, you can create your own plans and publish them to your website—white labeled and all.

The Nerdio Admin Portal allows you to easily manage users, desktops, shared mailboxes, servers, VPN, and backups in just three clicks or less from one convenient centralized location. It will also feature Windows Virtual Desktop support from day one of general availability. Eliminate human error and simplify tedious tasks such as password changes, unlocking users, resetting desktops, and changing group memberships.

With Nerdio for Azure’s Intelligent AutoScaling, you can automatically dial up or down RDS session host VMs or shut down VDI desktops as needed. And unlike other solutions, you can adjust usage down to the minute instead of hour, saving money for you and your customers. 


Cloud Components

The center is made of the five foundational infrastructure components that make up any modern IT environment. 

Nerdio Management Layer

This is where Nerdio comes in. Nerdio for Azure provides deployment, management, and optimization technologies to help you build a successful Azure practice.

Managed Services Layer

The outer layer is made up of the MSPs’ value-added services.

Azure Migration Journey

See how Nerdio fits into your migration path to Microsoft Azure.

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Partner Support Program

We’re here to help you build a successful cloud practice in Microsoft Azure. Here’s how we can make your life as an MSP easier.

A partner portal

with product updates, training videos, how-to guides, webinars, and collateral.

Our management

for centralized infrastructure management.

Real-time support

so you’ll never be hanging on hold for hours on end.

White labeling

so our tools fly your flag.

A dedicated partner manager

to help you build a successful cloud practice in Azure.


Unlike other companies, we pass along every customer lead to our partners.

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Nerdio helps us understand the crazy technology stack that is Microsoft Azure and public cloud. The number one reason companies are scared to get into the public cloud space is the complexity. Nerdio has top-level talent on the backend that can really help our talent understand the complexity and break it down.

Impact Networking

Patrick Layton, VP of Managed IT Services

As an MSP, one feature that I like about Nerdio is I get Azure networking set up automatically, and I know by default it’s already secure, so I save a lot of time on not having to reinvent the wheel.


Bruno Lecoq, President & Chief Information Security Officer

Nerdio for Azure truly enables you to take advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform in areas you may not have been able to before. It allows you to make more money, doing less, while deploying people in the cloud.

Ability Technologies

Steve Schmalz, Owner

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