Teams live event | Windows 365: An Insider’s View

Teams live event | Windows 365: An Insider’s View

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ArticlesJuly 14, 2021Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio

Windows 365 vs. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) – Comparing Two DaaS Products

The recently released Microsoft Windows 365 service and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) are both Desktop-as-a-Service solutions from Microsoft but there are several important differences between them.  In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the similarities and differences between the services.  We’ll compare AVD and Windows 365 across several dimensions in detail and then...

ArticlesJuly 12, 2021Bas van KaamField CTO - EMEA

What is Windows 365 & How Does Nerdio Fit In?

It’s here, Microsoft’s Windows 365, a new era in cloud-based end-user computing as announced during Microsoft Inspire on July 14th, 2021. Here at Nerdio, we couldn’t be more excited about this next step in delivering virtual desktops from the Azure cloud. Windows 365 will offer a simplified management and a slightly different commercial model.   For the past year, Nerdio worked closely with...