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ArticlesSeptember 13, 2021Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio

6 Cost Reduction Strategies for Azure Virtual Desktop 

When speaking to new Nerdio customers, we mention that an average Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) customer saves 50%-75% on Azure compute and storage with Nerdio Manager’s cost optimization technology.  This data point is sometimes dismissed as “marketing-speak” or something that’s only true in rare, unique cases.   This article outlines 6 cost reducing strategies delivered by the Nerdio Manager platform that lower the costs of a typical AVD deployment by more than 80%.  Although mileage may vary from one...

ArticlesSeptember 09, 2021Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio

Nerdio Manager + Our Road to One Million Users

At Nerdio, we believe strongly in the concept of every individual using a virtual desktop capable of providing them with their optimal work interface and online environment. So, with a great deal of pride, we are thrilled to announce that Nerdio now has reached over one million users across the Nerdio Manager products.   We are in the early days of mass desktop virtualization – with over one billion Windows devices operating...

ArticlesSeptember 07, 2021Neil McLoughlinField CTO - UK

Nerdio Manager vs. Native Auto-scaling: A Deep Dive

One of Nerdio’s primary features is our advanced auto-scaling capability for Azure Virtual Desktop. This enables customers to save up to 75% on their Azure Virtual Desktop compute and storage costs, which in most cases pays for the Nerdio licenses themselves within the first week of usage not to mention significant savings on top of...

ArticlesAugust 24, 2021Amol DalviVP, Product

How Nerdio Manager Saves You These 4 Common Security Headaches  

With the number of high-profile attacks and breaches continuing to rise alongside levels of sophistication, the average ransom payment amount and even number of organizations affected given widespread supply chain attacks – there’s no doubt security is a business critical and board-level concern. Given the dependence of security on IT admin bandwidth and end users,...

ArticlesAugust 18, 2021Neil McLoughlinField CTO - UK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Windows 365 Cloud PC

Here are some of the common questions we have seen and heard from partners and customers surrounding the recently-release Windows 365 Cloud PC from Microsoft. If you have other questions you’re wanting to know, please comment below and we will update this post.   What is Windows 365 Cloud PC? Cloud PC is a Microsoft...

VideosAugust 02, 2021Nerdio

AVD Demo of the Day: Azure China Cloud Support

In this Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Demo of the Day video, we'll demonstrate how to link a subscription from the Azure China Cloud to an existing Azure Virtual Desktop deployment. This feature is available now on Nerdio Manager for Enterprise 3.0.