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Nerdio Manager + Our Road to One Million Users

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

At Nerdio, we believe strongly in the concept of every individual using a virtual desktop capable of providing them with their optimal work interface and online environment. So, with a great deal of pride, we are thrilled to announce that Nerdio now has reached over one million users across the Nerdio Manager products.  

We are in the early days of mass desktop virtualization – with over one billion Windows devices operating in the world, only a small percentage of those are virtualized. We are also in the early days of our company.  

Reaching one million users is an incredible and exciting milestone for us as a Series A-funded startup. But even more so because Nerdio Manager for Enterprise was only launched in March 2020, and Nerdio Manager for MSPs in February 2021 – and as exciting as our momentum has been to-date, we truly believe we are just scratching the surface.  

With Microsoft’s investments in Azure Virtual Desktop and now Windows 365, the market is starting to realize something we have believed for years—that this technology is the real deal, making our vision possible at scale.  

These developments have been powerful drivers and motivators for our company these past few years as we’ve built and delivered upon our mission to empower Enterprises and MSPs to deploy, manage and optimize virtual desktops in the Microsoft cloud.  

Thank you to all of our partners, customers, employees, and stakeholders for placing their trust in us and growing with us.  

Nerdio By the Numbers  

  • Thousands of partners and customers, including: Global MSP partners around the world and strong distributor partnerships with leading companies like Pax8, TD Synnex, Sherweb, Ingram Micro, Intcomex, MicroWarehouse, rhipe and more. 
  • 50+ Enterprise EUC partners. 
  • We have customers and partners using Nerdio Manager in 37 countries.  
  • We have employees all over the world
  • We’ve supported over 3,500 virtual desktop deployments.  
  • We are 100% fully remote and loving it.
  • We’ve more than doubled our team this year.  
  • We routinely can save customers up to 75% off their Azure storage and compute costs.  
  • Our solutions are championing secure remote work across industries, including healthcaregovernmenteducationmanufacturingfinancial services, and legal.  

The Road Ahead  

Gartner predicts DaaS spending to reach $2.7B next year – more than doubling in total from 2020. Over the past year we’ve seen Microsoft’s Azure business grow by more than 50 percent as organizations of every size and vertical have leaned into cloud technologies to support flexible and remote work.  

We’re inspired by these numbers and industry traction, but also the opportunity they present as our momentum is reflective overall of the growing interest and adoption of Azure and VDI/DaaS solutions to support remote work. 

Again, to all our partners and customers who have allowed us to be part of your cloud, Azure and virtual desktop journeys and successes so far – thank you.  

In front of us exists an incredible opportunity to shape the future of desktop virtualization and IT management at a time unlike any other given the convergence of digital transformation and desktop virtualization efforts alongside ubiquitous connectivity. 

We’ve relished and enjoyed the road so far and are even more motivated by what lies ahead.   

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