new Nerdio Manager for WVD — enabling IT Pros to deploy and manage WVD.

new Nerdio Manager for WVD — enabling IT Pros to deploy and manage WVD.

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ArticlesAugust 04, 2020Bas van KaamField CTO - EMEA

How to Get the Most from Your GPU-enabled Machines (at the Lowest Cost)

GPU-supported machines on Microsoft Azure have been a hot topic lately, especially with the introduction of the new NVv4 AMD-powered virtual machines that has been generally available (GA) since March 2020. Let’s dig in a bit more. The use-cases for GPU-enabled VMs on Azure vary. Of course, graphical resource intensive workloads come to mind, though...

ArticlesJuly 21, 2020Bas van KaamField CTO - EMEA

Full Disclosure: Nerdio Manager for WVD Costs and Licensing

To start, all of the information shared in this article is already “out in the open”, so to speak. We don’t “hide” anything from our (potential) customers or partners. Why would we? However, we do understand that sometimes it can be a bit confusing when it comes to licensing, the PaaS services involved, associated costs,...

ArticlesJuly 14, 2020Bas van KaamField CTO - EMEA

Notes from the Field (CTO): July 2020 Edition

In this series, I want to share with you my findings, experiences, tips, tricks, wonderings, ideas, and thoughts – those from colleagues, community peers and more – on everything Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure, Microsoft, EUC, and IT related. In other words, topics will differ.   First of all, let me start by mentioning and thanking...

ArticlesJuly 02, 2020Bas van KaamField CTO - EMEA

Nerdio Manager for WVD – een bundeling van unieke functionaliteiten, kosten optimalisatie, eenvoud en gebruikersvriendelijkheid 

 Nerdio helpt organisaties om efficiënter met hun IT middelen om te gaan, in het bijzonder als het gaat om Windows Virtual Desktop. Tegelijkertijd zorgt Nerdio ervoor dat de gebruiker (ervaring) niet uit het oog wordt verloren. Er moeten voldoende (Cloud) resources beschikbaar zijn (en blijven) om je gebruikers tevreden te stellen maar ook weer niet...