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ResourcesApril 10, 2020Liz HoscheidDirector of Marketing

White Paper – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Terminology, Hierarchy & Resources

Gain an understanding of the most critical elements for building an MSP cloud practice. The first step in building a Managed Service Provider (MSP) cloud practice with Microsoft Azure is deeply familiarizing yourself with Azure's fundamentals: its terminology, elements, and hierarchy. In this free white paper, we list and define the most critical Azure elements and discuss how they interrelate with each other.

ResourcesApril 03, 2020Liz HoscheidDirector of Marketing

White Paper – An MSP’s Guide to Troubleshooting Performance in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Environments

Understand the key system components to help troubleshoot performance in Windows Virtual Desktop! In this troubleshooting guide, we will explore a practical, methodical approach to identifying and resolving common performance issues that arise in Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environments deployed in Azure. This is not meant to be an exhaustive guide for every possible deployment scenario, but rather an easy-to-follow, practical approach. We will not use fancy monitoring and reporting tools and will leverage only free, built-in tools for performance monitoring such as the Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and Azure Monitor.

ResourcesApril 03, 2020Liz HoscheidDirector of Marketing

White Paper – How to Make More Money Selling Microsoft Azure

Understand the available levers to optimize Azure costs so you can increase your margins! For a Managed Service Provider (MSP) building a cloud practice in Microsoft Azure, one of the most important considerations is to understand how to optimize costs. This includes becoming familiar with the various types of Azure resources, how each resource is billed, and how to architect an Azure IT environment to make more money.