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Here's why companies of every size and industry are leaving their existing DaaS management vendor for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise

Nerdio offers the only DaaS management solution available on the market that enhances native Azure Virtual Desktop & Windows 365 rather than replace it with proprietary technologies. Nerdio Manager is built from the ground-up as a true cloud product unlike older VDI technologies that were created before the public cloud existed!

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See below how Nerdio Manager stacks up to (and beats) one of the most recognized legacy VDI solutions on the market when it comes to initial setup, cost, deployment, product features and integrations, and updates and support.

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Nerdio Manager

Legacy VDI Incumbent

Getting Started

DaaS License Cost$6 to $10 per user$10 to $50+ per user
Annual Commitment Required?
Billing Frequency
Month-to-month or annual
Mandatory annual commitment
Support Contracts
World-class support included in license cost
Basic support included
Additional Users
Easily & automatically add
Request a quote from sales team and requires subscription co-terming
Free Trial
Free 30-day trial immediately available from Azure Marketplace
Requires approval & difficult to implement


Ease of Installation
Easy. Fully deployed in <2 hrs.
Difficult. Typically requires professional services engagement.

Product Features & Integrations

Intune Integration
MonitoringYes. Sepago, or ControlUp.
Image Management
Native AVDExtends native AVD capabilities; does not replace native Microsoft stack
Must use their proprietary product stack – Windows 365 not supported
Integration Capabilities
High with REST API and Scripted Actions
Automation Capabilities
Multi-Tenant & Cross-Sovereign Cloud
Manage multiple Azure clouds, tenants and subscriptions from a single pane of glass
Manage each environment separately

Updates & Support

Support Time
Product Update Frequency

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