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Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Case Study: Howell Technology

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Learn how Nerdio Manager for Enterprise helped Howell Technology Group solve their issues with Azure Virtual Desktop’s complex image management and deployment. 

About Howell Technology Group

Howell Technology Group is a midsize Managed Services Partner based in the U.K. With 25 years of industry experience and a focus on ‘people-first technology,’ HTG delivers client-specific, customized IT solutions as well as ongoing technological support and consulting. They specialize in helping enterprise businesses in the finance and public sectors take their IT infrastructure into the modern age, but they also work with smaller businesses to help improve their digital processes and support their growth. 

The Situation 

Howell Technology Group was interested in migrating users to Azure Virtual Desktop to provide their customers with a virtual workplace solution, but they found that the platform lacked the scaling capabilities they were looking for and made image management overly complicated. HTG’s customers were frustrated by the amount of time they were having to spend overcoming the learning curve of AVD and manually scaling it as their users’ needs shifted. 

The Solution

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise offered Howell Technology Group various time-saving features, including their auto-scaling and patching functionalities, which significantly decreased the number of hours engineers had to spend wrestling with Azure. In addition, Nerdio’s tool made image management easier and faster, giving customers the ability to access and manage everything they needed within a single pane of glass. 


The Results

Nerdio’s rapid deployment and time-saving functionality led to notable cost savings for both HTG and their customers (the end users of the tool). The time spent on monthly security patching and image management decreased dramatically — patching in particular reduced from 8 hours to 2 hours per customer — which led to less expensive engineer timesheets and faster implementation time. Ultimately, Nerdio’s features saved Howell Technology Group and their customers a significant amount of time and effort when it came to managing AVD session hosts, configuring autoscaling, and image management.

“The time spent on monthly security patching and image management decreased dramatically — patching in particular reduced from 8 hours to 2 hours per customer…” 


Find Nerdio in the Azure Marketplace: nerdio. co/nme


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