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Microsoft Intune for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How MSPs Can Utilize Intune

Intune presents MSPs with a versatile platform to manage and replace legacy Active Directory management practices that require line-of-sight connectivity between workstations and server(s). In today’s climate, where remote work is prevalent, implementing and enforcing compliance and security has become increasingly difficult. One of the most common use cases for Intune is to replace legacy authentication and policy management. However, there are various other use cases to take advantage of with Intune. 

By using Intune, MSPs can remotely install and deploy applications to endpoints, enforce compliance and security baselines for both BYOD and corporate devices, and even allow or block access to sensitive information. This approach is a more effective and efficient solution for managing security and compliance in mobile device management and BYOD scenarios, providing a safer and more secure work environment for both employees and organizations 

Harnessing Intune for Clients with Unique Needs

MSPs with unique needs can harness Intune in various ways to meet their client’s specific requirements. To optimize their clients ‘ device management, Intune offers several particular functions that MSPs should leverage. 

Firstly, compliance and security are crucial in the modern device landscape. This modern landscape often consists of multiple devices and operating system types. MSPs can utilize Intune for all clients, including those with unique device compliance needs, without having to learn and use different tools for different devices. 

Secondly, Intune enables mobile device management for both BYOD and corporate-owned devices. MSPs can use Intune as the management plane to keep data secure while allowing customers and end-users to complete their tasks without restrictions. 

Finally, Intune allows the containerization of mobile applications, which is highly beneficial when users have personal and corporate accounts and data within the same applications on the same device. MSPs can create protection policies that prevent end-users from copying text from a corporate email account into a personal profile, even if both run within the same email app. 

What is the Pitch to Customers for MSPs?

  Intune is a powerful tool that MSPs can offer to their clients to ensure the highest level of security and compliance while allowing their workforce to work efficiently. Here are some reasons why MSPs should consider offering Intune to their clients: 

Compliance and Security 

Intune allows MSPs to manage compliance and security with granular control on any device without impeding end-users from performing their essential tasks. This feature ensures that the highest levels of security and compliance are maintained across all devices. 

Conditional Access Policies to Protect Corporate Data 

With Intune, MSPs are provided with tools to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data by setting conditional access policies. These policies allow MSPs to require multi-factor authentication for all users, high-profile users, and even for risky or anomalous sign-ins. 

Autopilot, Out of Box, PC Auto Setup Experience 

Intune simplifies the deployment of PCs and laptops even in scenarios where the end-user is the first person to touch the new device. This feature eliminates the need to configure devices on the MSP’s bench before shipping them to the end user. Windows Autopilot, via Intune, automates the build process for a seamless setup experience. 

Consistency Across Deployments 

Intune ensures that software is installed in the same way every time an application is deployed. This feature eliminates any inconsistencies in software installation and ensures that all devices are running the same software versions. 

Reporting on Compliance and Security 

Intune provides real-time data on all enrolled devices, such as compliance status, endpoint health checks, and even reports on update failures. This feature helps MSPs to stay up to date on compliance and security across all devices. 

In summary, MSPs can offer Intune to their clients to ensure the highest levels of security and compliance with minimal restrictions to their workforce. With its powerful features such as conditional access policies, autopilot, consistency across deployments, and real-time reporting, Intune is a must-have tool for any MSP. 

What are the limitations that exist for MSPs? (In Native Intune)

As an MSP, using Intune out-of-the-box from Microsoft comes with some limitations. One significant drawback is the inability to manage multiple customer environments in a multi-tenant way. MSPs often juggle multiple incognito windows within their browser to manage various customers, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Additionally, it’s impossible to natively import/export Intune policies and profiles between customer tenants. This limits the ability to build a repository of various Intune policies and customizations for easy deployment across customers. 

However, Nerdio provides a solution to these shortcomings by offering a single pane of glass interface that allows MSPs to access all their Intune customers. With Nerdio, deploying standardized policies between customers is easy. Nerdio allows MSPs to maintain a holding tank of standardized policies for any Intune environment. Nerdio simplifies the management process for MSPs, providing an efficient and effective solution to these limitations. 

Why Intune makes sense for MSPs

Here are a few reasons why Intune just makes sense for MSPs:

Elimination of Domain Controller Line of Sight Requirement 

MSPs facing the challenges of remote and mobile device management under work-from-home conditions can effectively apply Group Policies using Intune. 

Greater Control over More Devices 

Intune provides a means to gain essential visibility and control over virtually any device, be it corporate or BYOD. 

More Configurations than with Group Policy 

With Intune, MSPs can deploy exponentially more policies and settings to the devices they manage. 

Value-Adds for Customers with Existing Licenses 

Intune is already included with most Microsoft licenses, which means companies don’t have to pay extra for a separate solution. 

Nerdio’s Offering 

Nerdio’s offering includes many starter Intune policies, enabling MSPs to hit the ground running on day one.

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