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Nerdio Introduces Approvals Workflow, Automation Features to Help MSPs Maximize and Train Talent Working with Microsoft Azure

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

CHICAGO – SEPTEMBER, 28 2022 – Nerdio, the premier solution for organizations of all sizes looking to deploy virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure, today announced new features in Nerdio Manager for MSP that allow managed service providers (MSPs) to maximize their investment in IT personnel while reducing risk and the operational costs associated with Microsoft Azure and its virtual desktop services.  

“These recently introduced product features help MSPs service more customers while reducing overall risk and human error at a time when staffing and talent retention are difficult,” said Amol Dalvi, VP, Product at Nerdio. “For example, with Approvals Workflow a technician or engineer who may not have sufficient training or experience to manage and deploy Azure can now do so and learn how to optimally manage an environment in a secure and controlled manner.” 

The highlighted features, now available in Nerdio Manager for MSP, help MSPs more easily enact and follow principles related to least privilege and zero trust and automate tasks that often require specialized engineers.  

  • Approvals Workflow: MSPs can require approval of certain tasks to be given before they are run by designating roles for Approvers and Submitters. Approvers receive an in-app and email notification whenever a task is submitted for approval.  This helps not only to ensure efficient operations but also reduce human error especially around activities like adding a server or resizing a virtual machine that can significantly impact the cost per environment.  
  • Custom RBAC Roles:  In addition to the built-in Roles-Based Account Controls (RBAC) roles currently available in Nerdio Manager for MSP that allow MSPs to assign varying levels of permissions at the MSP and customer account levels, MSPs can create their own custom roles to best fit business needs. The built-in roles available in Nerdio Manager are: Super Admin, MSP Admin, MSP IT Admin, MSP Help Desk, MSP Billing Admin, Account Admin, Account Help Desk, and End User.  
  • Scripted Actions: Nerdio Scripted Actions serve as a library of PowerShell scripts that can be automated and customized by administrators to run in either Azure or AVD VMs. These eliminate manual processes and tasks and allow MSPs to deploy Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) faster, without needing to rely on highly experienced individuals on staff. New scripted actions are now available to install and uninstall the following applications on AVD host pools: Huntress, Ninja RMM, Sentinel One, ConnectWise, and Kaseya VSA.  
  • Reserved Instances (RIs) Tracking and Requesting RIs and Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB): To avoid overpaying and underutilizing Azure compute, it is important to request the right RIs, known also as Azure Reservations, and AHBs for each environment. Admins are empowered with new analytic capabilities in Nerdio Manager for MSP and the ability to request the right RIs and AHBs to better maximize their margins when leveraging these programs. They can choose to be reminded by email and in-app to renew their reservations on time and be alerted when reservations are out-of-sync with VM instances.

“The Nerdio Manager for MSP platform provides the tools and processes that help us maintain focus on delivering results. Profits are protected, employees are instantly more productive, and anyone, from beginner to advanced skillsets, can participate in the pursuit of company success,” said Daniel Alfaro, Operations Manager, Managed IT at Impact. “The Approvals Workflow feature not only protects customer agreements from drifting over time but helps open up unique opportunities for engagement between team members. This helps our MSP drive persistent education that reduces human errors, and spend more time on meaningful tasks and, ultimately, happier customers and staff.” 

In addition to product investments that help MSPs maximize their talents and help them to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Azure, Nerdio has increased its amount of first party educational events. Nerdio Training Camps allow MSPs to quickly skill up their technical teams and sales teams so they can build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure. They are completely free and hosted in a one-day workshop format all around the United States, United Kingdom, and parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, registration is now open for NerdioCon, Nerdio’s user conference occurring February 27- March 2, 2023, in Cancun, Mexico.  


About Nerdio 

Nerdio empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and enterprises to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is a packaged Azure application that runs in users’ own tenant without compromising security and compliance by allowing third-party vendors access into the IT environment. Nerdio Manager for MSP empowers MSPs to deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktop environments in Microsoft Azure through easy multi-tenant management. For more information, please visit www.getnerdio.com. 


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