Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Certification: Improve Your Microsoft Azure Knowledge & Skills

NME-200 Certification Badge

Deepen + Demonstrate Your Microsoft Azure & Azure Virtual Desktop Technical Acumen with Our NEW Enterprise Certification and Curriculum (NME-200 for IT Professionals) 

Back in November we launched our certification program for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise that allows IT professionals to show off their Nerdio and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) skills by passing the NME-200 exam. This 200-level exam is geared towards technical users of NME and catered specifically for those working in an enterprise environment or at one of our many systems integrators (SIs) or end user computing (EUC) partners.  

Today, we are happy to release an incredibly in-depth curriculum in support of the exam! This provides the complete package for IT pros and admins looking to get certified. Below are details around what the exam entails and other need-to-knows about the NME-200 certification.  

What Does the NME-200 Certification Exam Entail?   

Our newly launched curriculum for the NME-200 Certification Exam is intended to give you a comprehensive understanding of Nerdio Manager and the supporting cast of technologies required to run a smooth Azure Virtual Desktop and/or Windows 365-based virtual desktop environment in Microsoft Azure. 

The test focuses on the technical configuration and tasks you can, and will, need to execute when deploying, managing, and optimizing AVD and Windows 365. It’s intended to challenge users’ retention of the critical concepts, features, and methods needed to succeed with Nerdio Manager and Microsoft’s desktop virtualization technologies.  

The curriculum material emphasizes and explains the “how to” behind all of the topics covered in the exam. Even if users are not ready to get certified, the curriculum itself is a valuable technical training package for any technical user in Azure. It is available at this site. You can read the material online, or if you prefer to make notes and read offline, a PDF is available as well. 

Aside from the Curriculum, What Do I Need to Know Before Taking the NME-200 Exam?

Individuals taking the exam will have 45 minutes to answer 60 questions and must achieve a passing score of 80% or above. The exam fee is $80 and you are allowed one free retest if you do not achieve the certification on the first attempt. To achieve certification in one try, we highly recommend reviewing the curriculum in detail and getting some hands-on experience with Nerdio Manager prior to taking the exam. 

How Do I Register to Get Certified?  

Here is a direct link to the exam page. You can also visit our Enterprise Certifications page where you’ll need to scroll down and click the “Get Certified” button to start the process.  

To find the Enterprise Certifications page manually on the website, look for the ‘For Partners’ tab found at the top of the website (picture below), hover over the tab and select “Get Certified.” Additionally, you can find a direct link to the exam page here.

Best of luck to everyone pursuing the NME-200 certification! Please direct any feedback or questions about the curriculum or exam to  

FREE NMM-100 Certification Launches to Equip MSPs with the Fundamentals of Nerdio + Azure

Last May we launched the Nerdio Partnerd program to give our MSP and channel partners access to a full arsenal of resources including our NMM-200 certification, discounted pricing, and an asset library with case studies, content white labelling capabilities, testimonials, product demo videos, and more. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest certification program, NMM-100!  

NMM-100 is designed to build partner proficiencies in Microsoft Azure and Nerdio Manager for MSP.  Specifically, we are using this certification to give partners that first leg up when it comes to understanding the terminology, technology and best practices needed to be successful in deploying and managing Azure Virtual Desktop via Nerdio Manager.  

Below we’ve shared details around what the exam covers, resources you can use to prepare for it, and an explanation of how NMM-100 and NMM-200 relate to each other.  

What Does the NMM-100 Exam Entail, and How Should I Prepare?  

Our study curriculum is outlined below. It is a combination of articles and videos intended to give you a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Azure, Nerdio Manager for MSP, Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365. 

  • Lesson One – Azure Fundamentals 
  • Lesson Two – Identity Management 
  • Lesson Three – Microsoft 365 
  • Lesson Four – Azure Virtual Desktop 
  • Lesson Five – NMM Fundamentals 
  • Lesson Six – NMM Account Deployment Paths 

The exam contains 60 questions related to the above lessons. We highly recommend you pay close attention when consuming the curriculum material as it closely overlaps with content that will appear in the exam. 

How Does This Relate to the NMM-200 Certification?  

Completion of the NMM-100 exam will ensure you are fluent in the underlying fundamentals needed to succeed with your AVD deployments. NMM-200 is more technically sophisticated than NMM-100, and those prepared to take the level 200 exam need a fair amount of Azure experience and knowledge to be successful in passing. 

NMM-100 is offered FREE to Partnerd members. Partners who pass the exam will be eligible for a 50% discount on the NMM-200 certification. To claim the discount, they must sign up and pay within 90 days of passing NMM-100.  

How Do I Register to Get Certified?

Head to our MSP Certifications page, scroll down and click the “Get Certified” button to start the process. To find the MSP Certifications page manually on the website, look for the ‘For Partners’ tab found at the top of the website (picture below), hover over the tab and select “Get Certified.”

Our certification programs have been carefully crafted to provide partners with the knowledge needed to build a successful (and profitable) cloud practice in Microsoft Azure using Nerdio. We look forward to seeing how the addition of NMM-100 helps accelerate your business and would love to hear any feedback you may have on the exam! Send any feedback (or questions) to – and best of luck!