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ArticlesJune 09, 2020Christopher Jones

A How-to Guide: RDS to WVD Migration Walkthrough

This article is for two types of partners. First, those who aren’t sure about the Azure/Cloud space and want to load up an RDS environment initially due to familiarity, but may consider migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) down the road. Second, it’s for existing Nerdio partners who already have an RDS environment and are...

ArticlesMay 05, 2020Christopher Jones

VM Sizing and Deployment Strategy for Cost Savings for MSPs

Partners frequently ask us to recommend the best VM series size for their use case, or at least the standard for most deployments. Unfortunately, these are difficult questions to answer due to the many variables which must be considered. However, with a basic understanding of the most common VM series, and a few sizing strategies,...

ArticlesMarch 03, 2020Christopher Jones

Nerdio’s WVD Desktop Pools Explained

Nerdio WVD desktop pools are great. They enable auto-scaling to save on costs and simplify image management with a centralized template that can be pushed out to all session host. In this article, we’ll break down the logic behind the operation of Nerdio WVD desktop pools, explain some use-cases, and discuss some terminology to be...