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New Nerdio Integration with Liquidware’s FlexApp One

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We are excited to announce our latest partnership and integration with Liquidware’s FlexApp application delivery and management solution. Delivering applications and the ongoing management that comes with it can be challenging. It’s something we see a lot of customers struggling with. FlexApp decouples applications from the underlying operating system, simplifying ongoing management tasks, while offering portability and support for up 90% of applications types out there today.  

Introducing FlexApp One 

Nerdio Manager’s ability to assign FlexApp containerized Windows applications focuses on Liquidware’s new FlexApp One feature which takes existing applications and transforms them into self-contained packages (fully automated). FlexApp One packages can be “attached” to any Windows operating system you might be using, including multi-session, and on  demand. FlexApp applications are “layered” on top, meaning nothing gets installed or stored within the operating system itself, in other words, your base image stays clean, which makes all the difference.  

FlexApp has a very high compatibility for the types of Windows apps you can deliver, enabling you to containerize and deliver up to 90% of your applications to keep base images clean and Windows optimized. The solution is compatible with virtually any Windows application including MSIX, MSI, and EXE formats.  

Because applications packaged with FlexApp are decoupled from the underlying operating system (and micro isolated), applications can be updated without interrupting day to day business. Packages can be duplicated/copied, meaning you can update the package not in use. So, while v1 of the application/package is still being accessed by your users, the copy can be updated. When done, you simply swap packages and that’s it. Again, all this happens without touching the underlying image. Clean, simple, and fast.  

Now, throw Nerdio into the mix and you have the best of both worlds.  


Nerdio Manager for Enterprise empowers IT professionals to deploy and manage Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 in a simple, secure, and efficient manner. Our solution offers various build-in scaling engines, enhanced image and application management capabilities, a ton of automation, simple to follow wizards, the concept of Scripted Actions, and much more.  

Nerdio can assign FlexApp One applications to any AVD workspace without the need for agents or additional delivery platforms. Delivering FlexApp One packages to an AVD host only takes a minute and because FlexApp one applications are self-contained and executed locally (nothing gets installed), they start extremely fast, and it will feel like as if they are installed on your local hard-dive.   

Want to Learn More?  

Even though FlexApp packages are not part of the base image, each time the machine (re) boots we’ll make sure the bits and bytes needed to run FlexApp are applied to the AVD host (s), over and over again.  

We’ll go into more detail during our upcoming webinar where, together with Liquidware we will show and talk about all the ins and outs of our partnership and how to leverage the best of both (Liquidware + Nerdio) worlds.  

Nerdio and Liquidware will be holding a free webinar on July 21st at 1:15 p.m. Central Time. Learn more from me, Nerdio’s EMEA Field CTO, Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO at Nerdio, Jason E. Smith, VP Alliances and Product Marketing at Liquidware, Bas van Kaam, EMEA Field CTO at Nerdio, and David Bieneman, CEO at Liquidware. 

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