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Nerdio Manager for MSP Case Study: Infoware

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Learn how Infoware, a Managed Service Provider, used Nerdio Manager to help their clients make an immediate migration to Azure Virtual Desktop. 

About Infoware

Infoware is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that works with law firms and professional services. Infoware designs and delivers innovative template management and document automation software that helps law firms create and manage documents faster and easier. Over tens of thousands of users have worked with Infoware for over three decades in countries all over the world. 

The Situation 

Since COVID-19, Infoware has seen an increased demand for remote, flexible, and agile environments that provide good performance. 

Infoware first looked for a solution that could help them migrate their clients from their on-premises workspace to a virtual desktop in early 2021. Many of their clients’ offices closed because of COVID-19 and they needed immediate access to a work-from-home environment. 

A couple of Infoware’s clients were using the cloud-based virtual desktop provider, CloudJumper, but those servers weren’t prepared to handle the large load of logins from remote workers. As a result, Infoware’s clients experienced performance issues that impacted their ability to do their job successfully from home.

The Solution

Infoware’s CEO reached out to online MSP peer groups and asked for recommendations for platforms that could help Infoware move clients to Azure — Nerdio came highly recommended. 

Infoware has since migrated four clients and has plans to migrate two more. The implementations they’ve completed have been a mix of clients who migrated from an on-premises server to the cloud and others who were already on the cloud, where Infoware migrated them to Microsoft Azure. 

Nerdio Manager’s platform created a stable environment that allowed Infoware’s clients to use Azure consistently without any performance issues. 

The Results

Nerdio Manager provides Infoware with simplified controls and the ability to spread management tasks across their team and support cloud-based clients. Infoware can create a standardized environment across all clients and this has made the troubleshooting process more efficient 

“Nerdio’s platform is so easy to use that other technical people on their small team can manage it.” 

One of the biggest benefits for Infoware has been that they don’t have to put their most senior technical people to the task of managing Azure anymore because Nerdio’s platform is so easy to use that other technical people on their small team can manage it. 

For example, Nerdio’s support for file handle unlocking for Azure file share frees up higher-level technical resources from having to troubleshoot every time. Golden image management is simplified through automation, and it reduces the likelihood of human error. Another benefit is that automating restarts and golden image updates can be done quickly through scheduling.


Find Nerdio in the Azure Marketplace: nerdio. co/nmm


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