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Nerdio Manager for MSP Case Study: Chelsea Technologies

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Discover how this large US-based Managed Service Provider saves significant time and money using Nerdio Manager for MSP’s automatic management and deployment of AVD, and powerful backup and auto-scale capabilities. 

About Chelsea Technologies 

Chelsea Technologies is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the United States and has provided business technology solutions to the global financial industry for over 25 years. They help clients navigate complex technical issues and focus on creating the infrastructure that helps clients succeed. Typical clients include hedge funds, banking institutions, and private equity firms. From startups to those with billions of dollars under management, Chelsea Tech also serves clients in other sectors that rely on their technical and business expertise, such as aerospace, law firms, and many others. 

The Situation 

Working with clients in complex and often highly regulated industries, Chelsea Technologies needs to ensure the highest standards of network uptime, hardware reliability, data integrity, and application stability. 

As a trusted partner to their clients, Chelsea Technologies works tirelessly to meet clients’ business and technology requirements, creating solutions that meet their needs in an IT landscape that is constantly evolving. Building native Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environments was proving time and resource intensive. The complexities of Microsoft Azure resulted in a limit on the number of engineers who had the skills to deploy it correctly. Chelsea Technologies needed to be able to use those engineers’ time efficiently and expand their ability to bring the advantages of AVD to clients. As it became apparent that they would need a partner to help drive success, they researched their options, looking for the right tool to help drive its growth. 

“We were migrating everything to Azure, and we really needed a tool that was right for the job – powerful, yet easy for our team to deploy and manage,” said Justin Vashisht, Professional Services Director for Chelsea Technologies. 

The Solution

After previewing Nerdio Manager for MSP, it became clear to Vashisht and the Chelsea Tech team that the ease of deployment, auto-scaling technology, and potential for cost-savings were the kinds of solutions they needed to successfully leverage their engineering talent and manage internal resources. Nerdio Manager for MSP held other attractive features as well, including built-in backup and audit trail capabilities, which, Vashisht noted, would be helpful for clients in highly regulated industries, like financial services and aerospace, among others. “This is especially important to clients in financial services and highly regulated clients for whom everything must be tightly monitored and controlled,” said Vashisht. 

Since initially partnering with Nerdio over two years ago, the Chelsea Tech team has continued to work with Nerdio Manager for MSP, which launched in public preview in January 2021. This solution enables them to get the most from the technology and their most critical assets– their technical staff.  

“For example, we have a client with over 250 users with AVD, and our help desk is managing it through the Nerdio platform. I didn’t have to worry about creating a custom portal, spending time testing it, and all the associated details. Nerdio provides it all to me in a single pane of glass. That represents substantial savings and reduced burden right there.” 

“Nerdio Manager for MSP is seamless, and it will allow me to migrate the rest of my clients over. Nerdio hit the sweet spot for us,” – Justin Vashisht, Professional Services Director for Chelsea Technologies. 

The Results

Auto-scaling is a standout feature for the team at Chelsea Technologies. The ability to automate what can be a labor-intensive and costly process saves time and effort, and the cost savings is a game-changer.  

“We have several large, expensive VMs. With Nerdio Manager for MSP, I can scale them down at 7:00 pm and scale them back up at 7:00 am. I get savings by automatically detecting usage and demand. You can’t put a price on that. Actually, yes, you can! It makes a big difference,” Vashisht said.

“There are so many details that come into play when building a secure Azure infrastructure. With all that complexity, human error is a reality of life. Nerdio Manager for MSP handles all those intricacies. It does everything for me. To set up a VPN takes minutes, not hours.” – Justin Vashisht, Professional Services Director for Chelsea Technologies. 

The knowledge-sharing and resources made available by Nerdio have made a real impression on Chelsea Tech.  “The videos and blogs on the Nerdio Academy are clear,
concise, and very helpful. It’s almost like getting a graduate degree in Azure,” said Vashisht. “The Nerdio team has increased the value of the platform for us. They’re knowledgeable about the MSP space, and understand the challenges we face. That’s why we continue to invest in the platform.” 

During Chelsea Tech’s deployment of Nerdio Manager for MSP, the key differentiator has been the ease with which Nerdio was able to immediately onboard and scale its solution, especially considering the challenges the Chelsea Tech had faced with clients going through painful digital transformations. 

Implementing Nerdio Manager for MSP has been a great success for Chelsea Tech. “If you’re looking to take an organization from a legacy, on-prem, physical server mindset and looking to jump into the cloud and accelerate the process, it would normally take six months to a year to do it right,” he said.

“With Nerdio, you can dive right in. The console is great and Nerdio is very forgiving as a platform, so implementation is easy.” – Justin Vashisht, Professional Services Director for Chelsea Technologies. 

Vashisht has straightforward advice for anyone considering Nerdio Manager for MSP: “If you’re looking to get into Azure, look no further than Nerdio. It will make your life easier.”


Find Nerdio in the Azure Marketplace: nerdio. co/nmm


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