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Amplifying Success: How Nerdio Supercharged 3Cloud’s Azure Virtual Desktop Client Base

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3Cloud specializes in one thing – delivering the ultimate Azure experience to its clients. So, after hearing rave reviews from several clients using Nerdio Manager for Enterprise to support their Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) deployments, 3Cloud was intrigued despite the fact that they already had in-house engineers.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise provides benefits even the most experienced staff cannot easily replicate. The platform’s ability to simplify management and streamline operations not only can save organizations up to 80 percent on compute and storage costs, but it thereby frees up the engineers to work on more innovation-focused projects that will drive the business forward.

Based on these initial findings, 3Cloud connected with Nerdio to learn more about not only how they could help more customers make the most of their AVD investments, but also optimize their own internal operations.

Streamlined Operations and Cost Optimization

With Nerdio Manager for Enterprise, by precisely utilizing compute resources and automating critical processes like image management, 3Cloud ensures that they and their clients only pay for what they use. The ability to present solutions accurately and highlight optimized costs has become a hallmark of 3Cloud’s partnership with Nerdio. Clients can confidently embark on AVD projects, knowing that Nerdio’s solution not only pays for itself but also generates cost savings.

“Once we’re able to present Nerdio Manager to the technical folks, and they see the level of automation it provides, they’re immediately interested. But when we showcase the cost savings, it’s game over,” said Dave Anderson, Principal Architect, 3Cloud. “All of our customers end up saving money with Nerdio and are astonished by the ROI.”

Furthermore, with Nerdio on the cutting edge of AVD and Azure product releases, 3Cloud can ensure clients are provided with the latest features and capabilities, enhancing the value they deliver.

“In Azure it feels like there’s an infinite amount of innovation. Everything’s always changing, and more features are being added constantly,” commented Anderson. “It’s very exciting to be tied to a specific solution that evolves with the Azure platform the way that Nerdio Manager does.”

A Client Success Story in the Healthcare Industry

3Cloud’s partnership with Nerdio has brought about remarkable transformations in their clients’ cloud VDI journeys. A notable success story involves a large healthcare customer with thousands of seats. Originally skeptical due to past disappointment with Windows Virtual Desktop (first iteration of AVD) and the AWS VDI solution, Nerdio’s integration with Azure and comprehensive approach won over the client.

“In our conversations with the client, we went into detail about what was possible with Nerdio’s auto-scaling and the value in the image creation and rollout process that Nerdio enables,” said Anderson. “In spite of the initial reluctance, the benefits became abundantly clear.”

Leveraging Nerdio’s automation capabilities, predefined roles, and streamlined management processes, the client experienced increased efficiency, cost savings, and greater control over their AVD environment.

The service provider-client partnership flourished as 3Cloud’s expertise combined with Nerdio’s technology paved the way for a successful implementation.

A Foundation for Success 

In 2022, the leading Azure consulting partner onboarded Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and immediately gained access to an unrivaled onramp for AVD success and Nerdio best practices at Nerdio’s exclusive, invite-only training workshops for enterprise partners.

“Nerdio is incredibly dedicated to partner enablement and was fully committed to getting us up to speed fast so we could quickly progress a number of projects in the pipeline,” said Anderson. “The in-person workshop we attended equipped 3Cloud with the necessary resources to amplify our existing Azure expertise and more accurately present the Nerdio solution. This collaborative approach has laid a strong foundation for us to confidently engage with clients and seize new business opportunities.”

Beyond the foundations provided, Nerdio’s partnership continued to demonstrate great value at every step. With the support of the Nerdio team, 3Cloud has strengthened their market position and expanded their client base. The collaboration has enabled 3Cloud to provide innovative solutions that address clients’ most complex business and technology challenges.

“Even if a customer is looking to leverage a certain functionality that doesn’t exist within the Nerdio platform, we’re able to immediately submit the request through the support portal and see the new feature appear in the product within a couple of weeks,” Anderson noted. “It’s powerful to be able to go back to a customer and demonstrate how we’ve leveraged our relationship with Nerdio to better address their problems.”

Driving Company Growth and Delivering Unmatched Value

The partnership with Nerdio has been transformative for 3Cloud, resulting in accelerated growth and elevated client satisfaction. Within the first month of partnering, 3Cloud successfully integrated Nerdio into multiple active sales opportunities, leading to the closure of seven deals by the end of FY22.

Nerdio’s partnership has become a dynamic catalyst for 3Cloud, enabling them to leverage their expertise in Azure and Microsoft technologies to reach more clients and deliver faster time-to-ROI on AVD deployments.

“As our relationship with Nerdio has evolved, we’ve seen sales really accelerate,” said Anderson. “More and more leads are coming in as we’re able to capitalize on the growing demand among clients for AVD, cloud cost optimization, and simplified IT management.”

As the partnership between 3Cloud and Nerdio continues to flourish, both organizations remain committed to delivering exceptional value and building long-lasting relationships that drive mutual success. This powerful collaboration exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic partnerships in the ever-evolving world of cloud computing.

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