Adar’s Story


Way back in 2005,

in a galaxy far, far away (well, Chicago), the founders of Adar were running an IT consulting company for small businesses. Most of their time was spent repairing broken and outdated servers, as well as backing up data that had been stored locally at each business – not the best use of IT consultant hours.

Then, a light bulb came on.

To stop these problems in their tracks, the team started providing online backup services. They would host all of a customer’s data. Adar’s next thought was, “Exactly how much IT infrastructure should we look after – so our customers don’t have to?”

It turns out that everyone loved having someone else to look after all of their IT needs (of course), so the team decided to offer it as a full service to every new customer.

Enter Adar.

The team became experts in data center operations, virtualization technologies (such as VMware), and storage technologies (such as NetApp and Nimble). Then, they worked out a clever way to deliver all IT infrastructure services – servers, desktops, backup, software and support – via one internet-based, secure private network they would call the Adar PrivateCloud.


Adar officially deployed the Private Cloud

Just like a real cloud, the size was flexible and could be made larger or smaller depending on how it would be used. So, whether it was a super small company or a medium to large sized one, customers got exactly the amount of IT they needed – no more, no less, no problem.

People were so crazy about PrivateCloud that the team could hardly keep up. Soon there were users all over the world, and year-on-year profitable growth rates of 70% – and that was just the beginning.


Fast forward 2016,

which was a monumental year for us (to say the least). We standardized and productized our offering and rebranded to the Nerdio platform to reflect this major change.

We significantly enhanced Nerdio,

especially with the development and launch of our much-loved Nerdio management portal, which makes managing IT environments completely effortless. Nerdio’s gotten many positive reviews from third-party sites, as well as praise from industry-recognized online publications. Plus, we’ve also launched a very attractive partner program. You could say big things are happening around here.


Now that it’s 2017,

Nerdio has gone public… cloud, that is. We launched Nerdio for Azure, our automation portal that makes getting onto and managing Microsoft’s trusted cloud crazy simple. We’ve also partnered up with other cool tech leaders like Kaseya, Mimecast, Kaspersky, VMware, and more. And we keep upping our game with private-cloud Nerdio all the time. Stay tuned because we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

We continue to expand.

The Nerdio platform has reached an entire petabyte of data transfer each month, and that number continues to grow rapidly. Customers are trusting their IT environments to Nerdio and our valued MSP partners. Why? Because we’re experts at keeping their operations running smoothly and their data safe and secure.


We believe in cutting-edge, bad*ss technology.

So, no buggy software, no clunky interfaces, no learning curves, and no more headaches. Just effortless IT to make clients’ work lives a heck of a lot easier. Using the best of what’s out there, and architected with our own secret sauce added. We’re ready to rock when you are.

We’re tech nerds and geeks – and proud of it.

We obsess over things like the latest in virtual desktops, Exchange servers, TLS 128-bit email encryption, integration methodologies, and much more. We obviously love being up on all the latest tech, and our customers have come to expect that level of knowledge, commitment, and passion from us. It’s our duty as nerds.

While we’re a technology company, we also happen to have ridiculously good customer service behind us.

From the quality of MSPs that work with us, to our Nerdio support behind the scenes – we put ourselves in your shoes and always do the right thing.

We believe in empowerment of IT professionals.

Our aim is to free IT staff from the reactive and mundane, and elevate them to where they should always be – sitting at the leadership table as key technology-based drivers for their organizations.

Meet the team

The Fancy-Title Nerdios

(the ones getting the credit for everybody else’s hard work)

It’s no secret that when you work with Adar, you’ll be supported by passionate and motivated leaders. Our senior team is jam-packed full of knowledge, experience, and (usually) worthwhile advice. Take a peek:

  • Vadim Vladimirskiy

  • John Mario

    Senior VP of Operations
  • Andy Baker

    VP of Talent & Culture
  • James Sivis

    VP of Marketing
  • Paul Guerin

    VP of Sales & Business Development
  • Stuart Gabel

  • Bret Maxwell

    Board Director
  • Harry Zoberman

    Board Director

The Rest of the Nerdios

(the real superheroes)

Our booming but still tight-knit team is made up of tech geeks all across the board – from marketing, to support, to technologists. All are working together to deliver the best ITaaS platform possible.

As true superheroes, they can be shy about revealing their true identities, but you can catch glimpses of them on our social media sites.

People, Culture, and Careers

Every company talks about people, but we walk the talk. Awesome people work at Adar for good reason – we take the same care of our people that we do of our customers and partners. For us, it’s a community, so we cultivate and nurture both.

To keep offering killer technology and continue growing rapidly, we need some seriously skilled and super motivated people working behind the scenes to keep our momentum going strong.

We are foosball playing, coffee drinking, ping pong pros, craft beer sipping, tech geeks. From countless cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, sizes, shapes, video game preferences… you get the idea.

Technology is our world. We love it. And when you do what you love, you don’t work a single day. Too cheesy? Good.

If you have the skills, and you like the sound of our crazy world, check out our open positions. We’re always stoked to have great humanoids join the collective.