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You’re a smaller organization, and are using basic appsYou want to manage all aspects of your IT, and may have complex setup needs
per desktop
per month
per desktop
per month

Out-of-Box Config

Domain controller
File server
RDS gateway
RDS session host
ADFS proxy
VDI golden image
Packaged templates
See templates 


Server management
Domain management
VPN management
On-boarding tools
Logs & audit trail
Azure Hybrid Usage Benefit
Hybrid active directory
On-ramp regions
RDS collections
Automated notifications
Azure Reserved Instances


User management
RDS users
VDI users
GPU users
O365 user license assignment
AD federation with O365
Group management
Shared mailbox management


Content and threat filtering
Firewall management
2FA for Windows & admin portal login

Backup & DR

Backup management
DR management


Performance monitoring
Intelligent desktop auto-scaling
Scheduled server auto-scaling

Partner Tools

NFA cost estimator
White labeling
Partner support (email & phone)
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Nerdio’s Azure Cost Estimator
Nerdio’s Azure Cost Estimator

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