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Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Case Study: Mr. Cooper Group Inc


 Learn how Mr. Cooper Group, Inc., a large US-based home loan servicer, scaled their remote capabilities to match the increase in business during the COVID-19 pandemic using Nerdio Manager for Enterprise. 

About Mr. Cooper Group, Inc

Mr. Cooper Group, Inc., one of the largest home loan servicers and the largest non-bank servicer in the United States, was looking for a solution for scaling up their virtual desktop to meet their increasing needs after the pandemic sparked a dramatic increase in home-buying which led to rapid growth. With 3.5 million customers and $650 billion in unpaid principal, Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. serves customers through their portfolio of brands including Mr. Cooper, Champion Mortgage, and Xome. The company had a very large existing Citrix implementation on-premises, but they weren’t sure they wanted to stick with Citrix during the transition to virtual work. 

The Situation 

As the pandemic brought on a massive increase in real estate purchases, Mr. Cooper Group, Inc.’s business was growing fast, and with that rapid growth came new licensing and infrastructure needs. Their small IT team needed help managing a large virtual desktop deployment: 20 workspaces, 70 host pools, 2000+ VMs, and 20,000 CPU cores. Their current Citrix environment had worked for Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. in the past, but the recent increase in business would require upgrading their investment, and they wanted to see whether Azure Virtual Desktop would bring more value for money than Citrix. The company’s initial evaluation of AVD found it difficult to manage and lacked the necessary features for the implementation of their scale. Microsoft brought in Nerdio to design and implement a custom solution. 

“…Their small IT team needed help managing a large virtual desktop deployment: 20 workspaces, 70 host pools, 2000+ VMs, and 20,000 CPU cores.” 

The Solution

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise’s elegant design delivered the capabilities Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. needed to deploy, manage, and optimize AVD at a price point that delivered significant savings. Not only was Nerdio able to provide a sleek, customized deployment, but they also seamlessly integrated the company’s legacy line of applications with Azure Virtual Desktop, enabling a quick and easy implementation during an extremely busy time. Nerdio then stayed on as an expert ISV to support the company’s 9000 users, two-thirds of whom use the environment concurrently.


The Results

With Nerdio Manager for Enterprise, Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. was able to migrate more than 10,000 users from Citrix to Azure Virtual Desktop quickly and efficiently.

“…Nerdio Manager is helping Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. save over

$200,000 per month..”

They were also supported throughout the process: when Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. was forced to pause their migration halfway through due to another app’s performance issues, Nerdio helped them optimize their environment to get back up and running. The cost savings were significant, too — Nerdio Manager’s cost optimization is helping Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. save over $200,000 per month in Azure computing and storage fees.


Find Nerdio in the Azure Marketplace: nerdio. co/nme