Nerdio recognized as the winner of the 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award!

How OWG Grew Its Azure Practice 10x and Found Power in Partnership with Nerdio

Managed Service Provider (MSP) OWG, based in Los Angeles and New York/New Jersey, was created to take a new approach to the industry and offer emerging technologies and innovative IT strategies to clients around the globe. Working with organizations across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, entertainment, and medical devices sectors, OWG constantly encountered clients still on legacy […]

Microsoft Entra ID: The New Name for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

  Azure AD to Entra ID Transition Overview  Azure Active Directory, or Azure AD, has been rebranded as Entra ID. This change reflects the evolution and growth of the Entra product family name, which Microsoft introduced in Spring 2022. Entra continues to evolve and exists to provide secure and efficient identity and access management solutions.   […]

When to Use Azure Site Recovery with Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is Microsoft’s business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) service hosted in Azure. Azure Site Recovery is used to protect computing resources in Azure and on-premises. This article will address ASR use cases with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and when it may or may not be necessary. Recovery Objectives Understanding Recovery Time Objectives […]

7 Tips to Optimize Your Nerdio Environment for Peak Performance

Just like your car can be tuned up to reach high level of performances, your Nerdio environment can be optimized to ensure quality performance and efficiency. Think of it as putting in premium gasoline rather than regular, a new supercharger, or a tune-up for your tech. This post will explore some easy ways to optimize […]

Improve Your Users’ IT Experience With Cloud Computing

In a world that’s become ever more digital, IT personnel have become the unsung heroes of the office. The sheer number of platforms, applications and devices we use seems to grow on a daily basis. It falls to IT staff to keep everything copacetic —  and on the most challenging days, that can be something of a high wire juggling act. […]

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Calculator: Finding the True Cost of AVD

The most common question we hear from Managed Service Providers (MSPs) about Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is how to understand pricing and the resulting impact on an MSPs’ business. To answer this question, it is important to break AVD down into its sub-components and consider the costs of each. To get started, we must understand […]

Microsoft Azure Resources and Fundamentals: Azure Terminology and Hierarchy

This article begins with some of the more important Microsoft Azure fundamentals and terminology, including product categories; accounts, tenants, and subscription types; resources and resource groups; and Azure object hierarchy. Microsoft Azure Resources The first step in building an MSP cloud practice with Microsoft Azure is deeply familiarizing yourself with Microsoft Azure’s fundamentals: its terminology, […]