Nerdio recognized as the winner of the 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award!

4 Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for Your Organization  

Over the last two years, there has been a significant increase in market demand for end user computing (EUC) technologies. As enterprises face new challenges implementing initiatives related to remote or hybrid work, hardware refreshes, decreasing their global carbon footprint, and strengthening cybersecurity and ensuring cyber resilience — many have turned to cloud client computing […]

6 Cost Reduction Strategies for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

When speaking to new Nerdio customers, we mention that an average Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) customer saves 50%-75% on Azure compute and storage with Nerdio Manager’s cost optimization technology.  This data point is sometimes dismissed as “marketing-speak” or something that’s only true in rare, unique cases.   This article outlines 6 cost reducing strategies delivered by the Nerdio Manager platform that lower the costs of a typical AVD deployment by more than 80%.  Although mileage may vary from one […]

Feature Request Submissions for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise – Submit Requests

At Nerdio we LOVE customer feedback and always have. It’s how we learn and improve our products and services to better help our customer and partners. You are the ones using Nerdio, so who better to tell us what works, what doesn’t, or what you might be missing to better service your clients and employees?!   […]

Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Misty Bannigan

What’s your role here at Nerdio? What do you do on a day-to-day basis and how do you help partners/customers?  I’m a Partner Success Manager for Nerdio on the MSP side.  I mostly have conversations with business owners or tech’s that are looking for an easier way to Manage and optimize Azure/AVD/Win365 environments.  A lot […]

How Azure Virtual Desktop Can Help IT Teams Reduce Risk

According to PwC’s 2022 Digital Trust Insights report published this month, fewer than 40% of c-suite respondents believe their organizations have fully mitigated the risks resulting from the sudden shift to remote work and the digital cloud that will persist into 2023.  Operating desktops in the cloud presents several security benefits when proper access management controls, configurations and policies are in […]

How To Be A Channel Sales Rockstar

In August I traveled to Nashville, Denver, CO (twice); Chicago, IL; Charlotte, NC; NYC, Sydney (AUS) and Gold Coast (AUS). I wrote this blog in New Zealand, and had Nerdio stops in Bellevue, WA; Montreal, Canada; Washington D.C; Omaha, NE; Nashville, TN, and my hometown of Boston, MA by month’s end.   When traveling I tend […]

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) End-User Experience and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) introduces a new end-user experience via a brand-new Remote Desktop application.  Unlike previous versions of Remote Desktop Connection that were included in every version of Windows OS, this one must be downloaded and installed.  The new client also requires .NET framework 4.7.2 or later to be downloaded and installed on a […]