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Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Unifies Virtual Desktop, Application, and Endpoint Management

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise v5.0 introduces Unified Application Management, Unified Endpoint Management, and Nerdio Modeler 

CHICAGO – June 1, 2023 – Nerdio, a premier software solution provider for organizations of all sizes looking to manage and cost-optimize native Microsoft cloud technologies, today has announced the general availability launch of a major new version of Nerdio Manager for Enterprise, version 5.0.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise version 5.0 includes the highly anticipated Unified Application Management (UAM) functionality, which gives IT professionals the ability to consolidate and control applications delivered to their Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop virtual machines, Windows 365 Cloud PCs, and physical desktops.

With unified management across all virtualized and physical endpoints and applications, enterprises can become more agile, more efficiently leverage IT and staffing resources during the current economic conditions and provide great user and employee experiences.

“Ensuring efficient and secure cloud operations is something that is becoming more and more complex as new technologies and attack vectors are introduced into corporate environments,” said Alan Hazell, Chief Executive Officer, Nimbus DTI. “Nerdio is drastically reducing this complexity with a truly unified management platform that reduces human error and allows us to consolidate the most important aspects of our day-to-day IT operations.”

The new release introduces several major new areas of functionality including:

  • Unified Application Management (UAM) allows IT professionals to consolidate and control applications delivered to their Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and physical desktop estates. They can link a wide range of application repositories, public and private, including Winget, to Nerdio’s new Unified App Catalog that simplifies the process of finding, deploying, and managing custom applications. Applications linked in the Unified App Catalog can be automatically deployed to Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts or desktop images, and Microsoft Intune-managed devices.. Additionally, admins can use Deployment Policies to automatically install, uninstall, or update applications across the organization’s environment.


  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) allows Intune-managed devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and Cloud PCs, to be managed in a single pane of glass. Admins are equipped with extensive device management and device visibility features in addition to new RBAC (role-based access control) specific to endpoint management. UEM functionality is currently free to use during preview and is expected to be generally available later this year.


  • Nerdio Advisor is a suite of technologies to estimate cost, simplify, and automate deployment, continuously optimize costs, and recommend relevant features based on usage patterns. The first tool available in the suite, Nerdio Modeler, is now generally available for public use. Modeler is a free tool that allows enterprise organizations and partners to model and cost-predict virtual desktop environments in Microsoft Azure without any Nerdio commitment or licensing required. The next tool, Nerdio Optimizer, will be generally available later this year.


  • Finally, the PowerShell Module allows developers and administrators to interact with Nerdio Manager for Enterprise via PowerShell. This allows IT professionals and developers to solve issues beyond the traditional scope of the management platform by extending its value into a tool most are already using or familiar with.


“At Nerdio we have a relentless focus on how to make life easier for IT teams at organizations of all sizes. Many organizations are buried under IT tool sprawl, at the same time looking to simplify the management of virtual and physical endpoints,” said Amol Dalvi, VP, Product, Nerdio. “We have had great success accelerating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop deployments, simplifying their management, and further optimizing costs. We are bringing those same principles and focus to other areas, specifically application management and endpoint management.”

In total, there are over a dozen new features in Nerdio Manager for Enterprise v5.0. Organizations seeking to trial the new features and functionality may install the platform directly from the Azure Marketplace and trial for 30 days at no cost.


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