Core Technologies

Every organization’s IT consists of five core technology components. These are present in all IT environments and are fundamental to the operations of any business. Understanding and managing them is table stakes for success. These core five are of course desktops, servers, collaboration and productivity suite, backup and disaster recovery, and security.

So, what’s the main driver behind ITaaS? Allow us to explain.

Enabling Technologies

Of the core five, the enabling technology component for the ITaaS model is desktop virtualization. Integration of the user’s “mission control” environment (i.e. the desktop) with other IT components is a prerequisite for having a high-performance system that works like a well-oiled machine. Attempts to move data and applications away from the desktop often fail because of subpar performance, which is not well tolerated by today’s users who are used to lightning fast performance of their smartphones and tablets. Also, moving a user’s familiar Windows desktop environment (which is often highly customized) to an underpowered RDS session is likely to be met with user disappointment due to reduced performance and lack of customization.

VDI, on other hand, allows users to maintain the familiar Windows desktop experience with all the flexibility they expect and improved performance due to having a dedicated desktop for each user. With VDI at the core, other components such as servers, applications security, etc., can be moved and managed together as a single unit – hence VDI being the core of ITaaS.

ITaaS Benefits

Working with a robust and comprehensive ITaaS model – as compared to juggling between a stockpile of different IT technologies and vendors – offers endless benefits.

Here are just a few.

  • Standardized

    Standardization leads to a predictable and consistent deployment every single time, without the risk of human error. Plus, you can easily manage IT environments by having all components controllable via a central console. New users, new offices, no new problems.

  • Fully Integrated

    In the case of an ITaaS platform such as Nerdio – they’re designed so that all the components work in harmony in a predictable, reliable manner. Going from a piecemeal approach to an integrated one results in improvements across multiple areas.

  • Simplified Management

    Imagine having the ability to control all IT infrastructures and apps from a single location. No more hop-scotching between countless portals. Need we say more?

  • Proven Performance

    All core IT components are thoroughly tested in production environments. Solid reference architecture that is easily replicated, proven, and scalable. And in our case, we’ve had over a decade of experience to perfect it, after all.

  • Secure

    The self-contained nature of the platform means a higher level of security. Plus, backup and disaster recovery to boot.

  • Automated

    Auto-provisioning, faster deployments, fewer failures and faster recovery, an easy way to prove compliance – and an overall improvement to your bottom line (and sanity).

  • Purchasing Power

    Get more while spending less. Instead of dealing with multiple providers in smaller increments, leverage the buying power of a primary vendor. Not the most important thing, but nice to have with ever-tightening budgets.

With a multitude of components in an IT environment to keep track of, managing them all can be a huge time and efficiency-drain. ITaaS allows organizations like yours to easily manage them all, without having to deal with multiple technology providers. All while enjoying the benefits of the many moving pieces all working seamlessly together.

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