Proactive Monitoring


Proactive Monitoring

As you know, servers, desktops, networks, and other technologies can be finicky creatures. They’ll choose the worst moments to try to get all wonky. Such issues can be mitigated with regular maintenance and constant vigilance – but you may not always have the time to be keeping a constant eye on all of your infrastructure. And you shouldn’t have to. With Nerdio’s Proactive Monitoring, you’ll have more time to execute, manage on the IT side – and guide your entire business from a technology point of view. So, let us tackle the not-s0-fun tasks.

Guaranteed Protection

Nerdio isn’t content with just cutting-edge technology. We make sure you also get an engineering team who monitors everything all hours of the day… and night (we’re guessing you and your team don’t enjoy waking up at 3am to play Mr. Fix-It). This means that most issues are resolved remotely before you even encounter them – so everyone stays unharmed. Now doesn’t that sound swell?

Here’s just part of how Nerdio makes that happen:

  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Kaseya Remote Management and Monitoring
  • Custom software upgrade procedure design and execution

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