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Join Nerdio in person for Azure Sales Training Camp for MSPs

Learn how to start selling Azure & making more money!

Nerdio’s experts will walk you through everything needed to launch and/or scale your MSP Azure sales practice. You will leave this FREE one-day session with the skills needed to understand what makes a good Azure prospect, how to accurately price Azure, build your proposal, avoid common MSP mistakes, and figure out the puzzle most MSPs haven’t yet: how to sell Azure at a low cost with high margins so you can generate a predictable recurring cloud revenue stream.

This is the definitive class for any MSP looking to take their business to the next level and not be left behind.

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Will Ominsky started his career in IT at a Boston-based MSP helping to launch their VoIP practice and grow their managed service and cloud computing offerings. Following an acquisition, Will moved to the other side of the channel helping IT Service providers & MSPs build DaaS offerings on RDS as a Channel Manager for two startups. At Nerdio, Will takes his knowledge of cloud computing and MSP services to help IT service providers build successful cloud practice in Microsoft Azure.


Will Ominsky

Sr. Director of Sales

With over a decade of MSP experience, Tony Cai began his career as an MSP engineer managing hundreds of projects from P2V to O365 migrations. Within a few years of being promoted to CIO, Tony generated over 3 million dollars in new ARR. As a Partner Sales Executive at Nerdio, Tony’s passion lies in helping other MSPs succeed in building a successful cloud practices in Azure.


Tony Cai

Regional Director of Sales

Misty Bannigan started her career as a Sales Rep in the Federal DOD/IC space for another Virtualization provider. She worked with customers who had no experience with VDI and helped them to understand the many benefits of utilizing their solution. As a Partner Sales Executive at Nerdio, Misty’s primary goal is to help MSPs be successful in building their Azure practice.

Misty Headshot

Misty Bannigan

Partner Sales Executive

Event Agenda

Night Before Training Camp

Cocktail Reception

Starting at 6PM in Hotel Lobby

Day 1 - Training Camp


7:30 AM

Welcome & Introductions

8:30 AM

Ideal Customer Profile

Session 1 – Common Azure Benefits: Why would someone pay the same or more to move to Azure? (15 min) 

Session 2 – Target Customer Verticals (15 min)

Azure Economics Fundamentals

Session 1 – Understanding Azure Billing (30 min) 

Session 2 - RIs & AHB (30 min)


Pricing Azure

Session 1 – Cost Estimator Basics (60 min) 

Session 2 – Lab Building & Optimizing Your First Quote (30 min)



Common MSP Resale Models

Session 1 – Resale Model Overview (10 min) 

Session 2 – Optimizing for Predictability (30 min) 

Session 3 – Optimizing for Profitability (30 min) 

Session 4- Optimizing for Scalability (30 min)  


Putting IT Together

Session 1 – Common MSP Sales & Pricing Mistakes (15 min) 

Session 2 – Tips and Tricks to Success (15 min)

Ask Us Anything

Upcoming Azure Sales Training Camp Locations


The event is FREE and includes your hotel and dinner for one night as well as breakfast and lunch during the event. You will be responsible for transportation to and from the venue and parking, if applicable.

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NOTICE TO ALL PUBLIC SECTOR OR STATE-OWNED ENTITY EMPLOYEES – Federal [including Military], State, Local and Public Education. This is a Microsoft partner event. Should items of value (e.g. food, promotional items) be disbursed to event participants, these items will be available at no charge to attendees. Please check with your ethics policies before accepting items of value.


Training Camp Attendee Feedback

One of the first events I have attended that was down deep in the technical side of things and I LOVE IT!
Looking forward to another training camp and sincerely appreciate being invited to be a part of the whole experience.
The pacing was perfect and it was wonderful being in a room with others who were in various stages of their Nerdio journey.