Why MSPs Should Outsource More

April 27th, 2017
Liz Hoscheid
Liz HoscheidSr. Digital Marketing Manager

Because of the explosion in cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and global security concerns, many MSPs now find themselves adding extra IT services on top of those they already offer. Consequently, they’re looking for ways to work more efficiently and, for many, that means outsourcing some or all of their non-core functions. For others, it also means outsourcing their IT support and customer help desk.

The MSP as a company

Fundamentally, MSPs are like any other company and have the same “outsourcable” elements as other businesses such as HR, facilities maintenance and accounting. Traditionally outsourced services benefit MSPs as much as any other business:

Cost savings

Outsourcing any business function can save money two ways:

  • the contractor is an expert in the service and can offer it less expensively than the company can achieve it in-house; and
  • outsourcing eliminates the need for additional capital expenses directed at filling that non-core need.

Increasing efficiency as MSPs

Increased efficiency

Establishing and maintaining up-to-date systems across the organization is expensive and time-consuming. The outside provider’s economy of scale and cost structure keeps your costs down.

Standard services typically outsourced

Your attention needs to be on your core services, not mundane business routines, especially if your company is growing its IT services roster. Most traditionally outsourced services will work well for your MSP, and allow you to pursue those larger corporate goals:

    • HR– Today’s human resources services involve payroll, benefits, federal compliance, and a myriad of other concerns that are not at the center of your business. Let those professionals manage those services.
    • Bookkeeping and accounting– Unless you are also a CPA, keeping track of corporate finances is almost always done better by a financial professional. And outsourced financial services are usually much less expensive than an in-house accountant.
    • Website development and maintenance– Even with all your technical know-how, the relative simplicity of website oversight is cheaper to contract out so you can focus on leveraging your data security skills.

IT services and outsourcing

Fundamentally, outsourcing allows you to focus on and grow the revenue side of your business, not waste valuable resources on the expense side. Even though your company offers IT services, managing your own IT costs your company money every month in the form of staff, materials and time. Your main concern is managing your customer’s IT, and splitting your focus between that and mundane office chores isn’t the best use of your technological resource.

Ergo, outsourcing your corporate IT support, such as your help desk, contains those costs to a single monthly bill while facilitating your opportunity to expand your revenue generating activities – selling more IT services (hey, sometimes it helps to test out what you’re selling, right?). You can add new products, services or regions, and scale your IT support accordingly.

Meeting outsourcing goals

The MSP help desk and outsourcing

Many MSPs haven’t yet considered the advantages of outsourcing this company resource, yet doing so accomplishes the same goals as other outsourcing projects:

    • Like other trusted professional services providers, the outsourced customer help desk acts as an extension of your company, keeping your customers happy while you ensure their services get the attention they need.
    • Your core talent base is freed to focus on both its core functions and the innovation of new ones.
    • Perhaps most enticing to the MSP leader, the outsourced help desk operates 24/7 so you don’t have to. Phone, chat and email contacts with knowledgeable service representatives mean support is always available for both your customers and their customers, if needed.

There’s a digital universe of opportunity out there as the Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to evolve. MSPs are reporting double-digit growth as they add competencies to improve supports for their clients. To save money, effort and improve service quality, many MSPs are outsourcing services, including help desk service, so they can better attend to growing their future.

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