Secure NAP with Two Factor Authentication

October 21st, 2016
Vadim Vladimirskiy
Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio

The news these days is rife with security breaches at all kinds of institutions. From software giant Yahoo, to healthcare provider Anthem and even retail giant Target.

Keeping your data safe and secure is something we take seriously. We host your data in a SOC 2 Type 2 audited data center. We install Kaspersky anti-virus on your desktop and servers. We do SAN level encryption of data-at-rest. And more. You can find the “and more” on our website.

In today’s post I want to ask for your help to keep your data secure. Much like the movie Jerry Maguire,“help me help you”, there’s a part you can play in keeping the data secure.

How? Using two factor authentication.

Your probably already familiar with two factor authentication (TFA). However, for those who haven’t used TFA, let me walk you through the process. No need to worry, it’s actually pretty straight forward.

Login to your Nerdio desktop as usual by entering your username and password. Now, if you’ve provided us with your mobile number, instead of seeing your desktop you will see a screen asking for a passcode:

NAP Security

Nerdio will send a text message to your mobile device. Enter the passcode sent to you to complete the login process.

The idea behind this concept is to use a “second factor” in the login authentication process. If somehow a hacker has figured out your username and password, two factor authentication still stops them from logging in as you as they won’t have access to your mobile device.  This extra step is imperative in keeping your account, and therefore your company’s data, secure.

So, help us help you. Take the extra effort to enter a passcode at login time and secure your login. If you don’t, we may have to do more Jerry Maguire quotes — and no one wants that. Not even Tom Cruise.

Have any questions about two factor authentication or NAP? Comment below and we’ll be sure to answer!